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1st Week Back To {Home}school Wrap Up (8/22/14)

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1st Week Back To {Home}school Wrap Up (8/22/14)

1st Week Back To {Home}school Wrap Up (8/22/14)

We started back to {home}school this week! I decided to go simple when I discovered (Click the link to read my post all about that!) All 3 kids have been using it this week so far & we love it. It pretty much covers all subjects & usually alternates music & art. There’s even some P.E. thrown in there each day with simple exercises & I even join in for that!

Take a look at all of the planned curriculum for this year.

Sometimes a few subjects will cover the same theme, such as the other day, history was about music/instruments & styles then (Medieval Times) and now (Jonas Bros). Music was a 5 minute video montage of music from the 50’s. L9 loved it & even went further with the lesson & wanted to know what music was around when his dad & I were kids. So I showed him montage videos from the 80’s & from the 90’s! That was a little too fun for me & I had to pry myself from Youtube to continue the rest of the lesson!

I do have to sit & help M7 & L9 through each of their lessons. I have them each take turns with me & we go through all of their lessons & then switch to the next child. While one os working on school, the other is usually doing their chores & working on some sort of art project or playing educational games online. Sometimes M7 uses this time to “play” Reading Eggs.

J13 loves it as well. I had to set up 2 accounts for her on DiscoveryK12 since she is doing 9th grade but not so much on 9th grade level math. So the 2nd account is for math – but it doesn’t matter because it’s so simple to sign in & out. She can work through everything on her own & seems to be doing great so far.

I know it’s only the first week of this but we are loving it & getting a lot of work/lessons into one day! I will keep you posted as to where we go with this.

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