2013-2014 Curriculum

Official school started back for us in August. I changed things up for us again but there are a few things we are still using. 


Since J12 was doing so well with the Easy Peasy last school year we decided to continue the full course this year. She is a hard one to keep challenged so I had made a few adjustments to what she was doing on there & still need to bump her up! Because she is 12, I had her in 7th grade lessons & now I have bumped her up to the 8th level, which is actually 9th grade level work! I have also  loaded her Kindle Fire with a ton of free classic books that she reads on her own. She loves to read so there is no problem there! You can find the free Kindle books here


We found out over the summer that he is having problems with his focusing & attention. This is something that we have been dealing with since he was 5 but it was verified for us recently. Also, he has been dealing with vision problems which caused him to get his first pair of glasses this past week. Put these things together & that was the main cause of his reading problem. At least now we have dealt with the issues & are able to know how to move forward. Things have to be a lot more hands-on for him & in short periods or I lose him! This has turned us towards Unit Studies.

For math & reading he uses Funnix. It’s a computer program with printable workbooks. He is continuing them from last school year.


She has decided that now she is old enough to learn how to read. She had no interest in it last year when we were doing Kindergarten because she was “too wittle”. We are using the Ready2Read Level 1 units from The Moffatt Girls. For math she is also using the Funnix lessons.

All 3

I decided to do unit studies this year. I had dabbled in it a bit in the past years & we all loved it. Since we needed more hands-on activities I thought it would be perfect. So, I decided to start with the Middle Ages since we had read about the vikings during the summer! In my search for all things Medieval, I came across Story of the World Vol.2. We absolutely L O V E it! Between crafts, videos, stories, activities, games, & anything else we can find it makes it so much fun!

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