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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays are among us and I can’t believe how fast this year went! Shopping for those on your list can be easy when you know what they like or want but there is always at least one or two on there that stump you. I’ve put together a list of gift ideas that include some of the latest products available that will hopefully help you out with them.

This list will be updated throughout this season so make sure to bookmark it…happy shopping!

Toys and Games

Family-Friendly Video Games from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

  • LEGO DC Super-VillainsLEGO DC Super-Villains – Become the best villain the universe has seen in this all-new LEGO adventure! For the first time, a LEGO game is giving players the ability to play as a super-villain throughout the game, unleashing mischievous antics and wreaking havoc in an action-packed, hilarious story written in collaboration with DC Comics. Joined by renowned DC Super-Villains: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Killer Frost, Sinestro, and countless others from the Legion of Doom, players will set out on an epic adventure to ensure their villainy remains unrivaled. Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC ESRB Rating: E10+


  • Scribblenauts Mega PackScribblenauts Mega Pack – A new two-game collection featuring full versions of Scribblenauts Unlimited and Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure along with bonus content for both games. Scribblenauts Unlimited takes players through an open world solving robust puzzles and challenges by summoning any object they can imagine, and Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure combines the boundless creativity of Scribblenauts with the powers of thousands of DC characters and objects. Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One ESRB Rating: E10+


  • LEGO Harry Potter: CollectionLEGO Harry Potter: Collection – This new compilation brings LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One with both top-selling video games remastered in one package! The collection unites the creative prowess of LEGO, and the expansive world of Harry Potter, with an exciting journey full of spell-casting, potion-making, puzzle-solving, lessons, dueling and much more for players young and old to enjoy. Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One ESRB Rating: E10+


  • LEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The Incredibles – This extraordinary fun-filled adventure lets players control their favorite Incredibles characters and team up as a family to conquer crime and family life. Reimagined in LEGO form and featuring TT Games’ signature LEGO humor, the game recreates unforgettable scenes and breathtaking action sequences from both Incredibles movies. With Mr. Incredible’s unparalleled super strength, Elastigirl’s flexible transformations and the rest of the gang’s awe-inspiring gifts, teamwork has never been so much fun. Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC ESRB Rating: E10+


  • Scribblenauts ShowdownScribblenauts Showdown – A new video game based on the inventive franchise, featuring two party game modes, Showdown and Versus, designed for one to four players. Players can also join forces in the popular Scribblenauts Sandbox to complete achievements and watch their objects come to life in unpredictable ways. Competitors can conjure objects from the vast dictionary of over 35,000 words to outsmart their opponents or simply let their imaginations run wild. Players can even customize their own unique Scribblenaut, drawn in the classic Scribblenauts art style, to use throughout the game. Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One ESRB Rating: E10+




Stikbot Monsters

stikbot monstersGet ready to create more animated movies with Stikbot Monsters and Stikbot Mega Monsters, new from Zing! With over 360 million views on YouTube, Stikbot continues to turn kids into creative stop-motion animation moviemakers, letting their imagination run wild. Stikbot Monsters are easy-to-pose figures, built with suction cup hands and feet, which can stick to almost any flat surface. With the free Stikbot Studio app, available on iOS and Android, kids can snap individual photos and stitch them together into a film, complete with built-in music and sound effect options. Users can share their creations using #Stikbot and see what others are making all over the world! US Retailers: Target, Walmart, Five Below

Spy Code Hackathon

Spy Code HackathonWith the success of the Spy Code games of 2017, YULU expands this spy line with the introduction of Hackathon. One player, the operator, is trapped in a virtual room trying to hack into a top-secret government hard drive. The other players are the ‘Experts’ who must give the hacking instructions to break through the 8 different modules by deciphering the information found in the instruction manuals. But there is a catch: the experts can’t see the hard drive and the operator can’t see the manuals. So everyone will need to talk it out – fast. For ages 8+. US Retailers: Target Exclusive

Cut the Wire

Cut the WirePut your skills to the test with Cut the Wire, new from YULU! A device is ticking and it’s about to go off! Players compete to see who cuts the right wire, defuses the device, and saves the day. Use secret clues for hints to help figure out how to avoid cutting the wrong wire and losing the game. It’s the ultimate race to see who can defuse or lose…before it’s too late! For ages 6+.




Pacemaker Extreme

Pace Maker Extreme GameGet ready to race the pace or face the shock with Pacemaker Extreme, new from YULU! In this adult party game, players try to outwit their opponents by thinking quick and keeping the pace. Players need to pay close attention to how many times the other players are tapping their paddles since that will set the pace of the pulse. Tap your paddle once and the pulse moves to the next player, tap twice to reverse the pulse and tap 3 times to skip the next player! Be careful – if you tap when it’s not your turn, you get shocked and you’re out! For ages 14+. Retailer: Target Exclusive.


Flying Sushi Kitchen

Flying Sushi Kitchen GameWhether you love sushi or not – Flying Sushi Kitchen is sure to cause a ruckus at kitchen tables everywhere. Flying Sushi Kitchen puts your competitive skills to the test as you pluck pieces of floating sushi rolls from mid-air, which stream from the bamboo shoots, in a mad dash scramble to fill your sushi order and rack up enough tickets to beat the competition. Use the special, kid-friendly chopsticks to fill your order before time runs out. Add a little wasabi and ginger, don’t miss the spicy tuna roll, nab that smoked salmon – and hurry! Flying Sushi Kitchen includes bamboo shoots, sushi rolls, and chopsticks for 5 players. Ages 5+


Smooshy Mushy

  • Smooshy Mushy Series 4 Cup ‘n Cakes: Smooshy Mushy Pets and Besties are in search of the best hot cocoa and pastries in Smooshyville! Open up your hot cocoa to-go cup and see which NEW, sweet smelling, pet and bestie you received! Unwrap and collect all 8 to uncover the squishy surprises. Age: 5+. US Retailers: Walmart
  • Smashy Mashy: Squish doesn’t have to be ALL cute! Smooshy Mushy introduces Smashy Mashy. Caution! Open up your super-goo-filled container but watch out! A Smashy Mashy character and its disgusting, spoiled buddy are lurking inside. So disgustingly squishy! Available in characters such as an ‘out of this world’ alien, a ‘far out’ hippie llama, and more. You can collect loads of smelly Smashy Mashy characters. Age: 5+
  • Smooshy Mushy Babies: Special Delivery – it’s Smooshy Mushy Babies! A magic baby bottle with a disappearing reveal holds the Smooshy babies you’ve been waiting to adopt. Pop the top to find out who the stork brought you. And babies just can’t leave home without their favorite
    squishy plushies! Tons to collect. Age: 5+


Sticky the Poo

Sticky the PooThe world’s most poop-ular Emoji just got a wee bit stickier! Meet Sticky the Poo from Hog Wild! This poo sticks. . . to the floors, the walls, even the ceiling!! Grip, shape and throw it around, just like the monkey’s doo! It’s super squishy, sticky surface and moldable middle let it “splat” and stick to just about any flat surface. Then pull it off and start all over again. Available in three different faces; collect and “splat” them all!




Shaker33 Cocktail Shaker

The latest innovation in Cocktail Shakers, the Shaker33, is revolutionizing the art of mixing drinks.

Shaker33 Cocktail Shaker

  • 24 oz. large format to enable large cocktail batches to be mixed at once
  • Leak-proof featuring an easy-to-open, lockable lid with a Dual Flow strainer for a slow or quick pour
  • Low condensation- chills drinks, not hands
  • Non-slippery and one-handed mixing capability
  • Top rack dishwasher safe




Don’t let period pain get in the way of any fun! Livia is a drug-free solution to period cramps. It is an FDA-approved treatment that relies on electromagnetic pulses, not drugs, to distract your nerves from feeling the pain.

Livia - the off switch for menstrual pain


No pills, no side effects, no interruptions to your day.

Livia - the off switch for menstrual painIMMEDIATE RELIEF




Livia is amazing! I received mine just in time to use and I even used it while at a function. It is so discreet, easy to wear and use, and seriously zapped my pain away. You can even accessorize it!

Livia stimulates the nerves, making it impossible for pain to pass. The method Livia uses has been proven effective in several clinical studies and I strongly recommend the use of the device to relieve PMS at any time. ~ PROF. BARI KAPLAN Director of maternity ward. Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center



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