2020 Holiday Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers

2020 Holiday Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers

Doctor Plotka’s Toothbrushes

These toothbrushes are the universal stocking stuffer for everyone in the family!

  • Naturally Antimicrobial* Bristles – Infused with silver to naturally eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that grow on the bristles within 6 hours! So, every time you brush, those bristles are fresh, clean, and ready to work their magic.
  • Flossing Bristles™ – Multi-layered bristle structure provides superior cleaning: the longer bristles, thin as a human hair, gently brush away food and plaque in places other brushes miss while the shorter, thicker bristles ensure complete cleaning of gum and teeth.
  • Soft Long-Lasting Polyester Bristles – Get up to one extra month of use thanks to polyester bristles which bend better than the nylon bristles found in most other brushes on the market! (The ADA recommends changing your toothbrush every 3 months. The Doctor Plotka’s brush will last about 4!)
  • Dentist Developed – Dr. Ronald Plotka designed this innovative toothbrush as part of his thriving 40+ year Boston-based dental practice.

*Antimicrobial silver technology reduces bacteria buildup on bristles to keep them clean. It does not eliminate bacteria in the mouth, and does not protect the user from germs or against disease.

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TP Kits

If you have someone who loves the outdoors, TP Kits are a great stocking stuffer!

TP Kits

TP Kits are useful on road trips, especially when the great outdoors turns into your bathroom while running, hiking, camping or any other recreational excursions.

Each 100% biodegradable resealable kits contain:

  • 5 2-ply tissues
  • 2 Wet wipes

Available in single or 10 packs at TPKits.com

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