3 Practices To Stop Giving In to Temptations

3 Practices To Stop Giving In to Temptations

Putting your health first doesn’t always seem so simple when you are a parent. There are those days when you experience so much stress, you feel that you need that cigarette or glass of wine at the end of the day just to take the edge off. But this becomes a slippery slope. We start to develop cravings, and as a result, we give in to a variety of unhealthy temptations. So what does it really take to have that mental strength to not give in every single time you feel stressed?

Healthier Substitutes

This is crucial, especially if you are prone to that one cigarette at the end of your day. Vape companies like Blinc provide a variety of vapes, and this can be an excellent substitute for smoking. But it’s a practice that you can take into other areas of your life. When you are craving sugary treats, finding something that gives you that same sense of satiety is crucial. For example, if you crave a bar of chocolate at the end of the day, can you swap it for a healthier bar of chocolate or even a bowl of cereal? Many bowls of cereal are fortified with vitamins, and there are low-sugar alternatives. Also, if you really need a sweet hit, you could have a healthier sweet treat, such as some honey on toast.

Being Mindful in the Moment

Part of the reason we give in to temptations is we are feeling mentally weak at that moment. It’s understandable if you’ve gone through a really stressful day, but when you experience a craving take a second to stop and observe your own thinking. With something like cravings for cigarettes, one of the best practices is to say that you will give yourself 10 minutes, and in those 10 minutes, distract yourself with something else. If that craving disappears, you’ve beaten your brain. But also, taking a moment to look at your thought patterns can result in healthier decisions. Additionally, when you think about what you’ve already eaten that day, it can trigger your brain to feel more satisfied rather than thinking you need more. This is a very important thing to remember, because we can very well become greedy, and have one piece of chocolate, which immediately turns into 12! Having that mental fortitude to recognize when you’ve had enough can take a long time to practice, but will be beneficial in the long run.

Give Your Body and Brain the Nourishment it Needs

Part of the reason we become very susceptible to cravings is we’re not giving our body the right nutrients and stability it requires. The answer is very simple in this respect, making sure that you eat right, listen to your body, and get plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation, in particular, causes your body to crave more things to keep it going, and has been linked to high cravings for junk food. It is not easy especially when there is a lot of stress, but hopefully, these practices can set you up for a healthier foundation.

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