3 Simple Ways To Get Your Kids Outdoors

3 Simple Ways To Get Your Kids Outdoors

All too often, our little darlings can be glued to their screens and video games. Even when the sun is shining outside, our brood will prefer to beat up goblins, cast spells on warlocks, and race Formula 1 cars with their online pals across the globe. To tear them away from their screens, you need to offer something more appealing for them to engage with. This involves spending quality time with you and encouraging them outside of their four walls. Take a look at these three simple ways to get your kids outside.

Do Something New

Your children will be eager to spend time with you more than spending time playing video games. Have an informal meeting with your little cherubs and ask them what they want to do. They may come up with some great suggestions for activities that they want to try. If they are keen to have a go at windsurfing, find a local club and take them to a class. For those youngsters that are keen to experience fishing as a beginner, head to a local river or some well-stocked pools with a rod and some tackle, and you could enjoy some afternoons hooking some large carp or chub with your little ones.

Sometimes kids just want to head down to the park and run off some steam. Take a soccer ball, a tennis set, or a cricket kit, and enjoy playing games with your offspring. They will adore being with you in the great outdoors. Video games are great but the attention and praise of their parents are more appealing for little people.


To attract your kids somewhere new, always take some food. Most young people are food oriented. Make your outing exciting by taking some delicious grub or by cooking it there. There’s nothing more exciting than having a picnic in the park with friends or heading to the beach for a barbecue with family. Even venturing out into the back garden for an al fresco soiree can be fun for your darlings. The food aspect of an outing can bring people together – even your offspring.

Go Somewhere New

The easiest way to tear your kids away from their screens is to give them a new experience. By heading somewhere new, whether this is for a trip or a vacation, you can share new memories with your nearest and dearest. You might want to head to a secluded cove for some beach fun, you might be keen to go to a theme park, or you might be eager to experience the delights of hiking in a country park. Wherever it is that your kids want to go, try to facilitate this new adventure for them. When they are seeing new vistas, having a go at new activities, or trying new cuisine, they will soon forget about Fifa 20 or Call of Duty. The same old park can get a little boring so broaden your kids’ horizons.

Forget about succumbing to the temptation of simply allowing your kids to play video games, and try to appeal to their adventurous side and get them outdoors.

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