4 British Foods To Make At Home

If you are someone who enjoys British foods, and you want to make them more a part of your life, you might be keen on trying to learn how to make some British meals and snacks in your own home. As it happens, there are a lot of these that you might want to try out, and they can actually vary quite a lot. In this post, we are going to take a look at four of the most popular British foods that are worth trying to make at home. These are bound to go down well with your family.

4 British Foods To Make At Home

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Roast Beef

A classic British dish everyone should try making occasionally is roast beef. Now, other cultures and countries are obviously not shy about roasting some beef either, but only the British make a religion of it. If you want to make roast beef in the true British style, you need to fill out the rest of the plate with a huge number of roasted vegetables, and some Yorkshire puddings as well. Or you could put your roast beef into some rolls or scones instead, for a double-whammy of Britishness.

Scotch Egg

The Scottish have a lot of interesting and unique delicacies, some of which might seem quite strange to some people. However, these snacks and meals are invariably delicious, and so absolutely worth trying out at least. A perfect example is the humble Scotch egg, which is the kind of thing you can really easily make at home with a deep-fat fryer, or even just a deep saucepan. A simple scotch egg recipe is likely to be the kind of thing you keep coming back to again and again, especially once you see how your kids respond to it.

Fish & Chips

Again, a lot of people around the world love this dish, but it is a British classic, and there are so many ways you can cook it these days too. One of the more modern examples is to opt for so-called mushy peas with mint instead of the traditional garden peas – and of course, you need to make sure that you are making a delicious batter as well. Why not try a beer batter next time you want to do this? You could find that this makes it even more delicious than usual, and it will likely go down as a treat at home.

Shepherd’s Pie

You might not have heard of shepherd’s pie, but it has a lot of history and it is quite a delicious meal that is worth learning to cook at home. It’s a simple pie with lamb mince and carrots, along with some other vegetables, in a bolognese-style sauce. Normally it is topped with mashed potato or sliced potatoes and then baked for around forty minutes to an hour. Serve it with a hearty gravy and plenty of greens, and it will probably be well received in your home every single time. It’s truly delicious and well worth learning how to make it soon.

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