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4 Crucial Steps To Take When You’ve Been Burgled

4 Crucial Steps To Take When You've Been Burgled

In the US, the district of Columbia recorded the highest rate of burglaries and robberies. With 332.9 incidents per every 100,000 inhabitants, you cannot afford to be taken by surprise at home. However, in the unlikely event that you become a victim of a home burglary, it will be helpful to know what to do immediately to save the situation. Hopefully, these points will be helpful.

1. Avoid touching anything

Available data suggest that 35% of robbed victims are tempted to touch the immediate surroundings where the robbery happened. However, according to the police, this is not the right thing to do. Touching the immediate environment is equivalent to messing with evidence, especially fingerprints. Usually, people feel the need to tidy up after a robbery because it is a natural reaction exhibited by victims.

The right thing to do, though, is to take photographs of empty spaces where items were before. You may also want to capture damaged windows and doors during the process. Apart from the security implications, these photos will come in handy when it’s time to make an insurance claim. When it’s all over, it will be an opportune moment to consider a home security system if you never had one.

2. Take an inventory

After taking photographs and not touching anything, you can now take an inventory of everything stolen or tampered with. This can be valuations, receipts or photocopies of vital documents, etc. According to psychologists, when people have experienced robbery or burglary, their minds remain sharp a few minutes after the act. Despite the mental and emotional pressure endured in the moments after the ordeal, the human brain manages to capture a series of events immediately after the crime.

This explains why the police seek vital information from victims moments after the act. It is also why you are advised to take inventory after a burglary. While at it, you will find it worthwhile to check for your passports and any other identification cards. Remember to report this immediately to avoid being implicated in crimes committed with your identification cards.

3. Cancel any debit or credit cards

If your bank cards were stolen, it is advisable to cancel subscriptions to avoid losing more money. This includes your bank checks or other vital financial documents that can be tampered with or used without your approval. You may not need to call your financial providers because these institutions have digital operations. With your smartphone, you can authorize immediate cancellation of all financial cards.

4. Call the police

According to security experts, it is never good to downplay any home burglary. Unfortunately, some households assume that there is no need to alert the police as long as nothing is taken. On the contrary, reporting the incident is the right thing to do. There have been instances where homes were broken into, and the perpetrators planted bugs to monitor household conversations, among several others. The overall goal is to safeguard what’s left and your life as well.

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