4 Fun Ways To Motivate Your Homeschooled Child

According to a recent survey, 50% of homeschooled kids spend between 25 to 40 hours weekly learning. That can be stressful on the growing minds. And you shouldn’t be surprised to notice your child losing interest in studying at some point. And if your child begins to exhibit a lack of interest, the last thing you want to do is pressurize them into continuing their studies, which will do more harm than good. A better option is to find fun activities to relax your children and motivate them to continue studying. Here are some of the fun activities you can try.

1. Incorporate fun but subject-related games

4 Fun Ways To Motivate Your Homeschooled Child

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Kids love to play, and there’s no escaping that. And you can use fun games to your advantage by incorporating them into different subjects. But it’s best to pick games that directly or indirectly impact the subject. For instance, if your child is learning about history, you can add different history-teaching games to their study time. And if your child loves to play with Lego toys, for example, you can purchase different Lego mini-figures and find fun ways to use them to explain real-life historical figures.

2. Introduce a fun tradition

Sticking to the same boring homeschooling activities can quickly dry out your child’s interest and dampen their motivation. Find unique ways to switch things up and introduce some fun additions to their studies. For example, if you have other parents homeschooling their kids in your neighborhood, try meeting up with them. You can set aside special days to interact with the homeschool families near you each month or week.

Doing this does three great things for your child:

  • It helps you to create exciting activities together as homeschool families.
  • It allows your child to interact and have fun with other kids instead of always being at home.
  • You can share different learning materials as parents and find solutions to homeschooling challenges you may be facing as parents.

3. Add special bonuses

Don’t hold back when rewarding your child for their progress. That encourages them to do better with their studies, as they’ll know that something awaits them. The rewards you can use depend on what your child loves the most. For example, if there’s a special dish or game they love, you can use these as rewards for their doing well with their studies.

That also means that you need to set measurable goals for them, based on which the rewards will come. And be very frank with your child about what you expect from them weekly or monthly.

4. Schedule brain breaks

4 Fun Ways To Motivate Your Homeschooled Child

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Children have a much shorter attention span than adults. That means the longer a learning topic drags on, the easier they lose interest. One way to keep your child interested in learning is to schedule frequent brain breaks. During such breaks, your child can do fun activities like playing games or enjoying some snacks. You can also find fun ways to help your child relax their minds during this period.

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