4 Tips For Staying Healthy This Christmas

Christmas can be said to be too much work, too much pressure, but regardless, it’s the perfect season to be jolly. Unfortunately, this merry-making if not wisely planned can cost you cash, health, and that hard-earned hourglass figure.

It’s established that an average individual can consume up to 6000 calories on Christmas Day, a figure 3 times higher than the guideline, daily allowance recommended by dietitians. So, what are you to do? Give up on your curves/six packs and accept that overly large belly associated with idle eating in December? Or be jolly and remain healthy, in good shape, never resembling Santa himself?

Well, here are expert tactics for negotiating Christmas and New Year’s feasts without moving notches higher on your belt.

4 Tips For Staying Healthy This Christmas

Stay active

The only way to enjoy that chocolate, mince pie and all trimmings and Noel pudding without freaking out over weight gain, is to practice quick weight loss regimen.

Keep things ticking over the holiday by walking, jogging, cycling, dancing, ice skating, ice fishing, or snowballing, and you be grateful come January. Yes it’s cold outside, and that warm, boozy inside can be very tempting for you to remain indoors but, adding extra effort can be beneficial. Think about it; you’ll be maintaining low-fat levels, aiding digestion, building your muscle alongside improving mental health amidst stresses presented by the season.

Sounds great, right? However, to pull that through calls for discipline and adequate planning, plan your workouts, mark them on the calendar, and if possible; confide in your friends/fitness instructor about your plans and overall goal. This way, you’ll be motivated rather than letting procrastination snatch away your fitness hours.

Also, try spicing things up. Issue ‘gifts of movements’ such as water pistols, balls, fitness watches, cricket sets, pool noodles. These presents that will have you spending an entire evening chasing each other, running, screaming while having fun. You can also establish a ritual that focuses on being vibrant/active as a group.

While at it, make it memorable by selecting one of the key days in December, that is Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years or Boxing day. Whichever you settle for, go wild, hunt, hike, follow those unbeaten paths, have a touch tournament, swim at a lake, or spend the afternoon building something wild. Either case, you’ll have enjoyed the endorphin burst together at the end of the day.

Eat healthy Christmas food

Replace that duck, goose or chicken with turkey containing over 70% breast. Why? Turkeys are believed to contain fewer fats as compared to the birds above. While at it, don’t forget fruits & vegetables (from Brussels sprouts, cauliflowers, carrots to melons and apples) as these vitamins will supplement your body minerals leaving you way productive and protected from various diseases.

When it comes to proteins, chose plant proteins (seeds, nuts, and beans) over animal peptides (beef, mutton and skimmed milk) as the former are thought to reduce the menace of heart disease. Again, steer clear of processed grains/carbohydrates such as white flour, bread, rice, as processing removes healthy fats, fiber, vital minerals and vitamins leaving a nutritionally impoverished starch.

Well, we now know what to go for but, how do we plan our meals?

Start of the day with a healthy breakfast. Most individuals tend to skip this meal in a bid to composite the required portions during the Christmas dinner. That’s wrong!! Breakfast enhances metabolism alongside eliminating chances of unhealthy snacking during the day.

While at it, go for low-sugared cereals, less-salted nuts, and skimmed milk. Also, eat healthy snacks during the day so as avoid overindulging over the reserved dinner. Don’t forget to eat slowly and most importantly, include digestive hacks (ginger, vinegar, cinnamon). In short, eat clean and know your serving size.

4 Tips For Staying Healthy This Christmas

Drink non-alcoholic beverages

Booze and Christmas are entwined, and it will take a strong/severe voice to dictate for you what to omit this season. However, it’ll be wise to go for beverages with low calories. That means dropping beers and anything cola and opting for drinks such as red wine and whiskey. Why? The latter contain under 100 calories/serving making them a healthy bait.

Note, when you overindulge in alcoholic drinks you are more than likely to overeat. This will not only cause weight gain but also will increase risks of breast cancer among women. However, if you were to follow the laid out guideline (1-2 drinks for men and not more than 1 bottle for women); have the drink after meals, take it mindfully and slowly lest risk being overly drunk and aggressive.

But again, why the hassle? If you’re thirsty why not just drink water? After all, it’s the ideal beverage without calories and just cost less than a penny/glass. However, if that’s too lame, be free to try out tea and coffee, remarkable and safe drinks that have been established to minimize the menace of type II diabetes.

4 Tips For Staying Healthy This Christmas

Get some rest

So far we’ve talked about exercising and eating clean but, one key element to staying healthy is relaxing and getting adequate rest/sleep.

Yes, Christmastide comes with lots of commitments and social get-togethers which may see you run a sleep deficit; however, amidst all, create time for power naps, and you’ll have your immune system thanking you for years. Don’t doubt, adequate sleep is key to a healthy, fulfilling life. It’s established that C-reactive protein (a peptide associated with heart attack menace) is higher amongst people who get less than 6 hours of night sleep. In fact, individuals with insomnia are more at risk of high blood pressure. On the other hand, quality sleep can result in improved memory, grades, sprint-time for athletes, and curb inflammation alongside spurring creativity.


There you have it! A list of simple rules to keep you fighting fit this Christmastide. They all require discipline and personal motivation, however, you can try teaming up with friends or family members for a psyched holiday workout regimen.

Note, if you can’t put up with the tips above, be as healthy as you can before the season. That way, any unhealthy eating or skipped workouts won’t affect your general health significantly before January. Again, if exercising is too much of a hassle; try weight loss products such as Plexus Slim and check Plexus Slim Reviews to be sure.

Now it is up to you so how do you remain healthy amidst all those merry-makings during Christmas?

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  • Great tips on staying healthy over the holidays! I always end up eating way too much this time of year!

  • Wow, definitely going to try out those tips – I mean, I was never into healthy Christmas, but as I’m on a weight loss diet I will definitely need to be more careful about what I eat – although the family time and proper atmosphere is most important!

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