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5 Essential Ideas to Make Moving Easier

When you think of moving, what do you think of? Stress? Excitement? Anxiety? Well, I have felt all of those emotions and more because of the number of times I’ve personally moved. In fact, I have moved every few years it seems so you can say I’m a moving expert. Because so many people have come to me for advice on the easiest way to move, I’ve decided to put together my top 5 lists to share with you below!

1. Get Rid Of Things You Do Not Need (Minimized)

This can be a tough one especially if you have an attachment to your items. But the easiest way to move is to minimize. Marie Kondo says “discard everything that does not spark joy.” This was particularly hard for me the first time I had to get rid of things. I can’t tell you how many boxes of junk we had lugged from house to house to just never open them. I eventually started tossing stuff away from them because apparently, we didn’t need anything in them. After that every time I moved I would get rid of my things little by little. Now, getting rid of something that doesn’t spark joy is easy peasy. This makes moving so much easier.

5 Essential Ideas to Make Moving Easier

Image: Infinite Moving

2. Ask For Help – Moving Crew

I was fortunate enough to have a big family help me move every single time. Others may not have family in the area or maybe they are moving on a day that no one can help. Infinite Moving is a moving company in the Florida metropolis area. Now, hear me out. What if you don’t want to spend the money? My philosophy is that if someone or something can make your life a little less stressful, go for it especially if you’re like me and are constantly moving. These professional local moves in Polk County provide residential and commercial moving services, as well as military moving, private moving services, and senior moving. They will help move you into your new home, apartment, or even luxury apartment/condo. They take care of all your items with great care and guarantee no damage which makes the worst part of all, packing, off your hands!

Wait, they don’t just help you move. They can help you pack everything up and unpack. They can also store your items. Maybe your lease is up at your old apartment but you can’t move into your new apartment for another 2 weeks. They will store your items. You sold your house but you can’t move into your new house for another 3 days. They will store your items. What? I rarely hear about any services that do that!

3. Label Your Boxes

Where are my spoons? I can’t eat this soup. Um, where’s my toothbrush? This was me when I moved for the first time. I couldn’t find anything. I opened so many boxes and laid them out on the floor that it just got very overwhelming. The mess I didn’t want to make in my new place, became a mess. You will have to scramble through boxes upon boxes because you just don’t know where anything is. Label your boxes! You don’t have to do anything fancy and get a label maker. You can just write on your boxes with a sharpie. Done! No scrambling, no mess.

4. Don’t Pack Last Minute

I have noticed that if I start packing a couple of weeks or even days before moving I am not as stressed out. The first time I ever moved, I packed everything at once. Let me tell you, I was so stressed and overwhelmed with everything I had, I didn’t even know where to start so I just threw everything in boxes which led to not being able to find anything and being overwhelmed.

5. Don’t Pack Your Clothes

You heard me right, don’t pack your clothes! The easiest way to move with clothing is to put a garbage bag around your clothes, have the hangers sticking out, and just like that your clothes won’t get dirty and you don’t have to rehang your clothes. But let me warn you, don’t put too many clothes in a bag or it’ll get too heavy to carry.

I hope these tips will help your next move be a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable. Moving is never an easy thing but it can be as simple as calling the experts to help the exhausting business of packing off your list.

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