5 Proven Techniques to Sharpen Your Kid’s Memory

Memory is a vital part of building a solid foundation in learning, both in the classroom and beyond. And having a good memory can help your child perform better in school, tests and get good grades. Vivid memories of all the daily experiences also help children make sense of the world and their role in it. This way, it enriches their experiences and helps them build essential life skills. As a parent, you can boost your child’s memory by implementing some strategies and tricks to make learning easy and more enjoyable.

5 Proven Techniques to Sharpen Your Kid's Memory

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Some Proven Ways to Boost Yours Child’s Memory

Memory boosting games

Childhood memory games can boost brain concentration. Kids might not know the benefits of playing memory games; however, they enjoy practicing their memory and recognition skills while playing fun games from a reputable publisher. In fact, many schools are now incorporating memory-boosting games into their curricula models to help enhance the children’s brain alertness.

As a parent, try playing memory-boosting games with your kids to enhance their remembrance skills. Memory boosting games are known to:

  • Improve a child’s critical thinking ability
  • Sharpen their problem-solving skills
  • Exercise the brain
  • Improve visual perception
Create a schedule and start a routine

Children tend to thrive under schedules and routines. Reading books is good for the intellectual growth of your kids. Therefore, try and build a pattern around it. For example, if your child knows that they are to read a book every night before sleeping, they will routinely start looking for the book after dinner. Active reading approaches are more likely to help the kid form long-term memories. So, every night ask your child what you are reading together and what they think about it.

Ask your kids to visualize texts

When your child reads a book, tell them to pause and ask them to visualize whatever story they were reading. Having your kids visualize a story helps them make sense of the content they are reading and improve their literacy. Visualizing is the ability to hear a story and have a mental picture of it.

Create songs and rhymes

Using the information your kid is learning, help them make a poem or even a song. Using rhymes and songs can help improve your kid’s ability to remember things since the human brain is wired to recall patterns and music.

Make learning enjoyable

Inspire your kids’ love for learning by accompanying them to the library and checking out books and videos from different subjects. Help your kid enjoy learning by taking out all the stress that comes with it. When stressed, the brain intake system tends to direct information to the responsive part of the brain, which are the automatic-fight, flight, and freeze. This later prevents the flow of information through the deep higher thinking to the conscious brain, where long-term memories are formed. Ensure that the study environment of your kid is not stressful. To distress the study environment, establish a fun ritual before studying.

The Bottom Line

To raise smart kids, you have to do everything it takes to boost their memory. It is essential to give your child some time to improve at their own speed and never compare them with their friends. Play memory-boosting games, ask your kids to visualize texts, make learning more enjoyable and create songs and rhymes to boost your kid’s memory.

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