60 Days to Clearer Skin with Exposed Skincare

60 Days to Clearer Skin with Exposed Skincare - Daily Deals from a Nerd Mom

Dealing with acne since the age of 10 is not easy. I just turned 36 yet my skin has no clue. It thinks I’m still a teen. My skin is very oily which adds to the problem majorly and is also sensitive. I was able to try out the Exposed Skin Care  from Exposed Skin Care recently and was impressed. I am still using it daily and you can read more about my new routine following my 1 week review below.

Exposed Skin Care

Exposed, as a company, brings to you a skincare line that blends powerful advanced science with pure natural extracts for a healthy, balanced and clear skin. This alone is what caught my attention since I do have sensitive skin. I have noticed that I am leaning more towards natural products for my skin and have been having much better results. Exposed is the only product line of it’s kind since the development team consisted of dermatologists, cosmetologists, naturopaths, and chemists.

60-Day 5-Piece Basic Kit

Not only does this acne treatment kit get rid of your acne but it also prevents future breakouts and helps you achieve beautiful, healthy skin. The 5-Piece Kit contains:

  • Facial Cleanser
  • Clearing Tonic
  • Acne Treatment Serum
  • Clear Pore Serum
  • Derm-X Cloth – a dermatologist approved microdermabrasion cloth that is proven to exfoliate dead skin cells, remove cosmetics, oil, and dirt.

 acne treatment serum clearing tonic

clear pore serum facial cleanser

Make sure to read through all of the included Quick Start Guide for how the treatment works. I like the fact that they do tell you that you will most likely break out after using the kit during the first 2 weeks because it is drawing all of the bad stuff out of your skin. I kept the Guide easily accessible so I wouldn’t forget which products were for which routine.

You start out using the kit twice a day:

  • Morning is for the Facial Cleanser, Clearing Tonic and Acne Treatment Serum.
  • Evening is for the Facial Cleanser, Clearing Tonic and Clear Pore Serum.

For Dry and Sensitive skin use only a very small amount of the Acne Treatment Serum or only use it every other day. For Oily Skin or Stubborn Acne, build up as much Acne Treatment Serum as your skin can handle over 2-3 weeks. You want to eventually apply a half-finger length of the serum. You can also use it twice a day.

After 1 week of use, I noticed that it was clearing up my skin and making it feel amazing. I love using this kit! The only problem was that my skin was a bit too sensitive and so it started to flake and peel all over. It actually looked like your skin does when it peels after a sunburn. I stopped using any of the products for about 2 days while I used the Derm-X Cloth with plain water to buffer my skin morning and night. It feels so soft and gentle yet is great at exfoliating the skin. After those 2 days, I started to use the Facial Cleanser twice a day and the rest of the kit every other day. It has helped out a lot with the dryness and peeling. I highly recommend the Exposed Basic 60-Day 5-Piece Kit to anyone of any age who battling with acne!

exposed skin care basic 5-piece acne treatment kit

Where To Buy

Exposed Skin Care has the Exposed Skin Care on their website for $49.95.  1-Year Guarantee: Your first order is 100% Risk Free and guaranteed to you give clear, healthy skin.

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14 thoughts on “60 Days to Clearer Skin with Exposed Skincare

  • Great review Jess!

    I wonder if I would experience the same thing you did…I have sensitive skin too. The exfoliator sounds amazing though.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Happy Tuesday!

  • Wowzers Jess, your face looks totally awesome and your skin cleared up in no time! I gotta tell my teenage daughter about this product. Maybe she’ll give it a go, but thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day and keep looking beautiful!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Tania!Hopefully your daughter has a great experience as well. 🙂

  • Neha Sultan

    OMG, your before and after pic is awesome. So much difference with the use of this product. I have tried a lot of products and am glad read your post, Will be checking this brand.

  • This looks like a great product that I’d be willing to give a try!!

  • You look great! I’d love to try something out like this. Your skin looks so good!

  • I love facial cleaners! I also have oily skin, but my hair is super greasy (no matter what I do) so if my hair is down even for an hour I start getting pimples. So annoying!

    • I have the same problem with my hair. It’s so annoying. I am constantly wearing my hair up because if it’s down then I play with it more. That leads to it looking like it hasn’t been washed in 2-3 days by the next morning!


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