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7 Adorable Easter Desserts

Easter is right around the corner and I have come across some of the most adorable Easter desserts! I normally don’t bother with any desserts for Easter because this house gets enough chocolate and other sweets to celebrate the day. BUT – I may have just changed my mind after seeing all of this adorableness. I’m sure Kid Baker wouldn’t mind at all!

Between the bunnies, little baby chicks, lambs, and even strawberries disguised as carrots, I’m sure you’ll find just the right dessert for your Easter festivities.

7 Adorable Easter Desserts

Rainbow Layer Cake: Instead of food coloring, the layers of this cake is tinted with JELL-O Gelatin! Choose whatever gelatin flavors you like, but pro tip: Unless you’re looking for a subtle yellow shade, avoid lemon flavor. Here’s the full tutorial on how to make a no-fail rainbow cake.

Flower Power Cupcakes: Here is a delicious way to have flowers in the kitchen minus all of the allergies!

Hawaiian Cookie Balls: They look like little baby chicks! Almost too cute to eat!

Easy Lamb Cake: Whipped topping and marshmallows! Make sure to click over to watch the tutorial video. I have the sudden urge to sing “This is the song that never ends…

Bunny Cake: A classic Easter cake. Flaked coconut makes up the “fur.”

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry “Carrots”: Tinted orange melted white chocolate will have anyone eating their “carrots”!

PHILADELPHIA Easter Mini Cheesecakes: Mini Cheesecakes always make super-cute treats, especially topped with malted milk eggs.

I personally would love to make the Easy Lamb Cake with Kid Baker. I love whipped topping and it does look easy enough for the decorating-challenged (like me!)

Do you have a favorite Easter dessert on the list?

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5 thoughts on “7 Adorable Easter Desserts

  • I try and keep the sweets to a minimum but that lamb cake almost looks too cute to eat. I would however love to give that a try and those mini cheesecakes. I love anything cheesecake. 🙂

  • I want to try them ALL! That rainbow cake looks especially adorable – I love rainbow foods! Thank you for hooking us up with the recipes 🙂

    • Rainbows are so cute..I love them too! The neat thing about the cake is that instead of food coloring, you use jello!

  • I love the idea of coloring the layers of cake with different gello flavors!! A great idea!


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