8 Reasons An SUV Is The Ideal Family Car

Choosing a suitable vehicle for your family is always a big deal. After all, you will want to make sure that it’s not only large enough to fit everyone but that it’s safe and comfortable and there is enough room for everything from luggage to your pets. Of course, these reasons, among others are why the SUV is an excellent choice for those searching for a family car. Keep reading to find out more about why your next family car should be an SUV, below.

8 Reasons An SUV Is The Ideal Family Car

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First of all, when it comes to choosing a family car, safety is always at the top of the list. The good news is that SUVs are largely safer than sedans and city cards for several reasons. The first is due to their high driving position, something that provides much better visibility of what is happening on the road and so helps SUV drivers to avoid accidents before they happen. Indeed, many drivers report that they feel safer in an SUV for this very reason.

Next, SUVs are built to last and their robust reinforced natures are designed to more effectively withstand impact. Excellent news for anyone that does have the misfortune to find themselves involved in an accident, especially as compared to other types of vehicles those in SUVs can expect fewer and less serious injuries.

Lastly, SUVs like the 2022 Ford Explorer which you can click here to read more about usually include the latest safety technology such as Ford Co-Pilot360™ and BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System). Many even come with Lane-Keeping Systems, and Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control which makes driving your family both easier and safer.

All-wheel drive

Also, when it comes to offering a safer ride for your family the addition of all-wheel drive or AWD in SUVs is a huge advantage. All-wheel drive is where the powertrain is connected to all the wheels and not just the front ones. This in turn provides better maneuverability and control to the driver, making it easier to avoid accidents, skids, and the like.

Indeed, if you find yourself driving on dirt roads, mountain roads, icy roads, and even in heavy rain often, having the additional safety feature of AWD can make all the difference.

Large seating capacity

After safety, seating capacity is often the next concern when choosing a family vehicle. The reason for this is that a car isn’t much good if you cant get every member of your family in and sit comfortably at the same time.

Happy, SUVs shine in this area, with the smallest offering 5 seats, and most others at least 6 seats. Then you have the larger models, which often have an additional third row, which provides up to nine spaces for comfortable travel or be folded down to make additional room for comfort or luggage. Additionally, the great thing about SUVs is that they don’t just offer enough room for the whole family, but they provide space enough for all their luggage as well, a topic that will be explored in more detail in the next section.

Plenty of storage space

Another reason that SUVs make the ideal family car is that they offer much more storage space than other types of vehicles. Of course, such space is crucial to any family that likes to vacation because it means you will easily be able to fit in all your luggage without sacrificing comfort on the journey to the airport or your destination.

Additionally, for those families that prefer to drive to their vacation spot, and camp an SUV offers all the room you could need for your tent, bedding, and cooking gear. Many families even choose SUVs because they provide space for transporting sports gear such as snowboards, mountain bikes, and paddleboards.

Large towing capacity

Another reason why SUVs make great family cars is that they are adapted to tow larger capacities than sedans or other options. Fortunately, with an SUV you can easily tow a trailer filled with tools, or your possessions when moving house. You can even use your SUV to tow sports equipment like Jet Skis or boats all without a problem. The best thing about this is that they can then also be easily maneuvered into the correct position for launch into the water.

Ideal for families with pets

In addition to seating capacity and storage space, SUVs also make great family cars because they offer a more convenient option for transporting family pets. Indeed with around 70% of all families having at least one pet, getting them to and from the vets can be tricky, especially if the pet in question isn’t so keen on car rides.

The good news is that with an SUV there is plenty of room for even a larger pet like a Great Dane to sit comfortably in the back. It’s even possible to put some of the seats down and create a more expansive area for your pet which is particularly helpful for longer journeys.

Improved fuel efficiency

Traditionally many families have thought twice about choosing an SUV because of the poor fuel efficiency involved. Indeed, poor fuel efficiency is bad news not only for our wallets but also for the environment, something that is at the forefront of many families’ values today.

Fortunately, the poor fuel efficiency argument only applies to older, second-hand models of SUVs with newer ones being designed to use gas in a much more efficient manner. Additionally, there are hybrid and electric SUVs on the market to choose from too, which also offer better fuel efficiency and a cleaner way to run a vehicle.

There is a wide range of SUVs to match your needs

Finally, an SUV is an ideal choice for a family searching for a car because of all the options available. Indeed SUVs come in three main sizes and even the smallest most compact ones offer five comfortable seats, so no matter what size your family is and what their needs are there will be an SUV that perfectly suits your requirements.

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