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Bad Habits That Shorten The Lifespan Of Your PC

Bad Habits That Shorten The Lifespan Of Your PC

According to statistics, 87% of US households have access to a computer, indicating the country’s impressive PC penetration rate. For a nation known for its highly industrialized activities, technology deals, and advanced digitization, you couldn’t expect anything less. However, despite the high PC penetration rate, users still need education on what they must do to extend the lifespan of their gadgets. You may continue to do some of the things discussed below without knowing the repercussions on your PC. Hopefully, this article will provide insight through the points discussed.

1. Leaving your laptop on a flat surface when in use

One too many times, you will find users working on their laptops with the gadget positioned on the lap or another flat surface. This doesn’t seem right as you risk overheating the device. Moreover, a flat contact surface generates increasing heat, which impacts the expected performance of the batteries. It is worth knowing that laptops have ventilation systems at the bottom. It explains the need to avoid placing them on flat surfaces when in use. Your device is designed to ‘breathe’ and expel heat via its exit points on the underside. Therefore, a flat surface contact acts as an obstruction.

It will be helpful to use an appropriate laptop stand to prevent your gadget from overheating. Certain types have in-built fans to cool the bottom of the device. Perhaps, you are an Apple fan and therefore bought a Mac with all its unique features. However, if mac’s getting hot, you may want to take another look at where and how it’s positioned while in use. In recent times, Apple released a statement saying that if their gadgets are exposed to high temperatures, it could take a toll on battery performance. In the long run, this shortens your laptop’s life cycle.

2. Ignoring software updates

How often have you seen software update notifications on your device, but you ended up tapping or clicking ‘update later’ or ‘cancel?’ This is something many users are guilty of. Indeed, sometimes, the decision to ‘update later’ is due to insufficient storage space. Therefore, you assume that buying time allows you to sort out your storage problems first. Now, this is how failing to update your device’s software impacts its lifespan.
First and foremost, software updates fix bugs in your gadget’s operating system. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to improve the device’s ability to resist security breaches. All these are strategic measures taken by developers to prolong the lifespan of your machine. Without these updates, you risk reducing the performance quality of your PC.

3. Failing to secure your PC with a surge protector

These guards are mainly created to protect against electrical or power surges when the PC is plugged in or charged. The truth about electrical surges is, they carry high voltage that can cause a sudden short circuit within your PC’s internal components. It is the same reason for investing in a high-quality electrical guard for your refrigerator. In a worst-case scenario, your device can spark a fire when it experiences an intense power surge.

4. Keeping several tabs open simultaneously

Perhaps, you’re working on different projects, which require opening several tabs simultaneously. Unfortunately for you, that takes a toll on your computer’s memory which leads to sluggishness. In some cases, it can crash the browser you’re using. Additionally, keeping several tabs open causes your PC’s internal processor to over-work. Subsequently, that generates more heat which may result in some considerable damage to your machine.

Finally, never have your PC plugged in or turned on during a thunderstorm. According to safety experts, such weather conditions can cause interruptions in network circuits within your device. In other words, lightning and PCs do not mix.

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