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10 Best Bathroom Safety Equipment for Kids

Providing safety for kids especially when they are taking a shower can be challenging because they are usually excited and playful. Based on 1099 cases, an estimated 51132 non-fatal injuries were treated in US EDs in 2008. All the victims were kids below the age 15 years. To dig deeper, 73.8% of the total accidents were caused by falling while 26.2% happened on the bathtub. The tub has a smooth surface and water, and soap makes the situation worse hence the probability of an accident happening remain pretty high. At this era, dealing with such a problem is easy since there exists a wide variety of equipment to ensure safety in the bathroom.

Because there exist a lot of products in the market and the array of options can be a little overwhelming, the following is a list of best bathroom safety equipment for kids.

10 Best Bathroom Safety Equipment for Kids

1. Baby adjustable shower hat

When it comes to washing the baby’s hair especially with shampoo, mothers have to take high risks. It is harrowing when detergents get into the eyes when taking a shower even to adults. Lucky for the kids now we have the adjustable shower hat that protects them from such pain. It is slanted with the brim extending to shoulder length, and this ensures water from the head flow down to the shoulders hence preventing it from coming into contact with the face and the eyes.

2. Lid locks

Some toilet lids are thick and heavy enough to cause fatal injuries when slammed on kids’ fingers. The toilet lids are there to save the children from this unbearable pain by ensuring that the lids are tightly closed. They also ensure kids don’t fall into the toilet bowl which can cause grave injuries especially head and back injuries depending on the angle of falling. Also, the lid locks prevent kids from playing with the water in the toilet bowl which can make them sick. They can also throw their toys in there and block the toilet hence locking the lids is much advisable.

3. Bathtub mat

Bathroom accidents do not occur only on the floor, but they can happen on the bathtub as well. Tubs are notoriously slippery, and kids can easily slide and hit their back or their head against the side of the hard tub causing a fatal injury. Baby’s bodies are fragile, and even a little pressure on the head or any other part is enough to cause damage. Thus buying a bathtub mat is very important in ensuring kids’ safety when taking a shower.

4. Bath thermometer

A bath thermometer is such an essential bathroom equipment since, without it, it can be hard to determine the right temperature for baby’s bath water by feeling with your hand. An adults hand is twice as hard as the baby’s skin and what may be warm to an adult’s hand can be a bit hot for the baby. You should always keep in mind that the skin of a baby is quite delicate and can be easily scalded thus buying a bath thermometer should be an option when it comes to ensuring bathroom safety.

10 Best Bathroom Safety Equipment for Kids

5. Bath gate

When babies and children play in the bathtub, they always find their way to the bath taps, and they can accidentally turn on the water. This can cause an accident since the water can overflow and interfere with the tub’s temperatures. The bath gate is installed before the baby goes in for a bath and can be removed after the shower thus ensuring safety to the baby.

6. Door stop finger pinch guard

Some doors are designed in a manner that they can close themselves automatically when nothing is holding them. Bathroom doors can be a nightmare to a kid whose only aim is to have a peaceful bath. Mostly, kids fingers are banged by the doors which often send them screaming in agony. To prevent this from happening to your lovely kid, you should consider buying door stop pinch guard that ensures the door doesn’t slam thus keeping your kid safe.

7. Thermostatic valves

Choice of thermostatic valves can be overwhelming since there is a ton of them in the market starting from master shower thermostatic valves to the single thermostatic valve. Thermostatic valves are shower valves that control the temperature in an exact manner which in turn ensures that your child cannot be scalded while offering protection against thermal shocking. Currently, the best thermostatic shower valves are some digital series such as the DTV six-port, DTV digital two-port and the iodigital thermostatic valves which are much enhanced as the user can control the temperature as they like.

8. Grip bars

It is not easy sometimes especially for toddlers to get in or out of the bathtub, and mostly they lose balance and fall. Providing somewhere to hold as they get in the tub for a shower or when they are getting out after an exciting bath can be of great help to them. Grip bars not only ensure our kid’s safety but also make them enjoy having a bath.

9. Tub guard

Tub guards are made of soft material and are placed on the sides of the bathtub to protect children from the tub’s side edges. And since bathroom safety extends to even the parent helping the kid to take a bath, tub guard offers a comfortable platform that ensures both have a great time in the bathroom.

10 Best Bathroom Safety Equipment for Kids

10. Baby bumper

They are the most important bathroom equipment that every parent should have. They offer protection on the baby’s little head in case the baby slides and fall. Also, they cushion the head from its weight when the baby is lying on a hard surface such as the tub.

Without observing the general safety measures, it is hard to prevent accidents from happening to our kids even with all the necessary bathroom safety equipment. Here are two basic safety tips that you should always keep in mind to prevent bathroom accident.

  • Always ensure you have emptied the tub after finishing washing your kid to avoid drowning hazards.
  • Always keep away anything that can divert your attention from your kid such as phones to prevent simple mistakes that can lead to fatal injuries.

There you have it, ten best equipment not only designed to ensure the safety of your kid but to also ensure they enjoy every second they spend in the bathroom.

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  • For kids the primary part of security is control and keeping possibly perilous things distant. Kids are interested, and whether you have your own children or you have house visitors with kids, it is imperative to keep unsafe materials beyond their control.

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