Put Your Best Foot Forward with these 10 Tips from Podiatrists!

Put Your Best Foot Forward with these 10 Tips from Podiatrists!

Our feet are a body part we often don’t think about until we encounter issues. Whether you’ve been doing high-impact exercises or wearing high heels on the daily, you may find you need to visit a podiatrist if you start experiencing pain. But what can you do to ensure to prevent and avoid foot problems in the first place? Keep reading to find out great tips from podiatrists, and what they can do to help you if your foot problems persist.

1) Find the right fit

It is commonly thought that you need to “break-in” your shoes before they are comfortable to wear. In reality, if a shoe is a right fit for you, it shouldn’t need to be broken in at all. Ensure that the shoes you buy leave 1cm of room for your biggest toe. Also bear in mind that your feet will swell somewhat throughout the day, meaning it’s smartest to shop for shoes in the afternoon to ensure that your new shoes will leave enough space for this natural occurrence.

2) Dress for the occasion

High heels should not be an everyday shoe, and neither are flip flops and sandals. Each put stress on your feet and do not provide support. Instead, wear comfortable flats on a daily basis, the appropriate sports shoe depending on what activity you are doing, and solid boots for hiking, camping and the like.

3) Clean and dry appropriately

Wash your feet daily in warm soapy water, but do not soak them for too long as this may disturb your skin’s natural oils. Dry your feet properly afterward, especially between the toes, where fungal infections tend to flourish. Afterward, moisturize your entire foot, except for between the toes. Use a pumice rock to smooth down calluses on the soles of your feet around once or twice a week, while making sure not to irritate your skin.

4) Clip carefully

Don’t cut the corners of your toenails just to get a rounded shape. Always cut in a straight line using nail cutters, so as to avoid ingrown nails. To get a rounded shape, use a file or emery board in the corners instead.

5) Freshen up

Change your socks daily to ensure that your feet smell fresh and bacteria does not grow. Wear socks made from natural materials like wool and cotton, or socks that are specially made to absorb moisture if you have a particular issue with sweaty feet.

6) Hygiene first

Always wear flip-flops at pools, gym showers, and hotel bathrooms to ensure that you do not catch a fungal infection from these heavy foot-traffic areas.

7) Don’t go bare

During the summer, it is common to visit the corner store or beach barefoot. Some may even enjoy jogging barefoot. However, going barefoot exposes your feet to numerous dangers, like scalding hot concrete surfaces, broken glass on the path, and impact on your bones which can be damaging in the long run.

8) Protect your skin

We all know to apply sunscreen daily, particularly during the warmer months. Many of us, however, forget to protect our feet. Melanoma can affect your feet too, so always apply sunscreen when visiting the beach or wearing shoes that are not completely enclosed.

9) Try foot massages

Whether you are experiencing soreness or simply want to ensure the ongoing health of your feet, massages can be a great way of doing so. Foot massages will relax your muscles, improve circulation, strengthen your ankles and relieve pain. Use a massage oil to knead your feet with your thumbs, and pull your toes back and forth to stretch them out.

10) Examine yourself

Like with many other parts of your body, it is a good idea to regularly inspect your feet and toenails to check for any signs of discoloration, infections, fungus or other potential issues. A good time to do this is in the shower, where you can inspect any bruises, blisters or warts. Elderly and diabetic people, in particular, should get professionally examined every six months, as they are more prone to certain foot ailments.

If you are experiencing ongoing problems with your feet, it is time to seek help from a podiatrist. Whether you are suffering from warts, ingrown toenails, fungal infections or pain, podiatrists are able to professionally diagnose and treat your issues.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward with these 10 Tips from Podiatrists!

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13 thoughts on “Put Your Best Foot Forward with these 10 Tips from Podiatrists!

  • Jess, I really like the idea of keeping the skin of your feet healthy. It makes sense that foot health is more than just the muscles and bones within the feet. This is something to talk to my wife about because she’s been having some foot problems and along with the pain when she walks, she also has a nasty sunburn that could’ve been avoided. Thanks for the post!

  • Thanks for the tip to avoid going barefoot when doing activities such as jogging. My feet have been feeling sore recently, and I think it might be because I played sports barefoot more often than I should have. I think it might be time to see a podiatrist to take care of my feet.

  • Thank you for the great article! It is really important to not go barefoot – it can be terrible for your feet, and it can lead to fungal infections as well.

  • Nice summary of all the points for proper care of your feet. Especially important is seeing a podiatrist for persistent problems even if it’s just a calluses. Also, the right shoes. Can’t emphasize this enough. The right shoes can help with pain relief and prevention. There are a lot of great suppliers of orthopedic shoes too.

  • You’ve got some great tips for foot care here. Foot pain seems to run in my family, so I want to do everything I can to avoid that problem. Buying shoes that fit right away is something I need to start doing! My shoes never fit great, so I’ll be more careful with that.

  • Really great article. It bodes well that foot wellbeing is something other than the muscles and bones inside the feet. This is something to converse with my better half about in light of the fact that she’s been having some foot issues and alongside the torment. Thanks for share. 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing this post and your ideas on how to take care of our feet, advice from podiatrists that should be taken into account. Sometimes we do not realize the importance of the health of our feet. With these tips we can avoid a health condition as careful as plantar fasciitis is. Thank you for this information 🙂

  • I liked that you pointed out that you should clip your nails carefully on your feet. I wish I had read that early this week. A few days ago I went a little crazy on my toenails and ripped one of my nails almost all the way off. It seems like it might be smart for me to go see a podiatrist and ask them if I damage my nail bed.

  • My dad has noticed that he’s starting to lose some of the feelings in his feet. He’s concerned that he’s starting to have early signs of diabetes. He’s hoping to find a professional to help him with proper foot care. It was interesting to read that things like foot massages can help improve circulation and relieve pain.

  • Great post! I like this all points that are needed for proper foot care. thanks for sharing these great tips. it’s really helpful.

  • I liked that you explained that you should make sure that you have good hygiene with your feet. It seems like if you have diabetes you really want to do that because your feet can have issues. It might be best to talk to a podiatrist once you notice you are having issues.

  • My left foot has been really bothering me since this past Sunday. Thanks for explaining that I might want to try giving myself a foot massage. It might also be smart for me to go see a podiatrist. That way, I know nothing is seriously wrong.


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