5 Tips For Better Sleep During Pregnancy

Your body will have gone through a lot of changes during your pregnancy, and some of those changes (including hormone imbalances, your center of gravity shifts, and where the baby is situated) will mean that sleep becomes more difficult, especially when you get to your third trimester. Here are some tips for getting better sleep during your pregnancy.

5 Tips For Better Sleep During Pregnancy

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Use Pillows And Cushions

Using pillows and cushions to get you into a more comfortable position, and keep you there, is a great way to help you sleep better. The problem isn’t usually that you’re not tired (far from it, especially late in your pregnancy), but that you simply can’t find a spot in the bed or a position that will allow you to get relaxed enough for sleep. A curved pregnancy pillow is an excellent investment, and there is a lot of helpful information on which ones are best to be found online. You can use one of these specially designed pillows to wedge between your legs or behind your back. They’ll give you extra support and allow you to elevate your bump a little, which can help get you more comfortable.

Wear Loose Clothing

Try to avoid tight nightwear as much as possible. It’s best for you and your quality of sleep to wear comfortable, loose nightwear. Ideally, it should be made of cotton so that it is breathable and can help you doze off more easily. On the subject of what to wear in bed, a custom sleep mask could be ideal; you’ll need the room to be as dark as possible if you really want to sleep well, and a sleep mask will enable that to happen no matter what light pollution you might have around you.

Bed? Not Necessarily

When you think of sleep, you think of bed, but that isn’t necessarily going to be the best place for you to rest when you’re pregnant. If you find that you are more comfortable in a chair or on a couch, stay there. You need to be somewhere that sleep comes easily, not somewhere you’re going to be tossing and turning in all night. Make sure you have a blanket nearby so that if you start to feel sleepy, you can cover yourself up to keep warm (or someone can cover you up if they notice you’ve gone to sleep).

Eat Light Meals

You’re going to find that you’re super hungry during the last few months of your pregnancy – your baby needs a lot more nutrients to finish growing. However, eating a heavy dinner before heading up to bed will be a problem when it comes to getting to sleep. You’ll be uncomfortable, and you’ll probably suffer from heartburn too. The best idea is to eat the heavier meals during the day (assuming you want them) and then eat a light supper. Plus, try to stay away from spicy foods as this will aggravate your heartburn even more.


When you are heavily pregnant, it’s likely that the last thing you’ll want to do is do any exercise. However, light, careful exercise (ideally in a supervised class) can really help when it comes to getting to bed and getting to sleep – and staying asleep. You’ll be more tired, but you’ll also be more relaxed due to the hormones being released in your body, which will help sleep come a lot more quickly.

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