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Bloominous DIY Flowers

Have you heard of Bloominous?

Bloominous makes DIY wedding flowers easy. Their DIY floral kits give brides everything they need to DIY easily and successfully. Take the guesswork out of DIY, and save time and money!

Bloominous DIY flowers

Currently they have six unique collections, and are adding more each month.

The vision of Bloominous is to make DIY wedding flowers beautiful, affordable, and easy:

  • Beautiful: Their in-house wedding florists have created floral designs for an average of over 10 years and understands wedding design trends. They test different designs and only curate the best. They also constantly refresh their collections based on customer feedback.
  • Affordable: They design, pack, and deliver “DIY Kits” of wedding floral collections at prices 30-50% off what brides would be able to buy from their florist.
  • Easy: They ship the DIY Kit directly to your doorstep. They provide easy-to-follow DIY instruction for each design. Flowers are pre-processed and shipped along with matching accessories (vase, ribbon, etc) to keep your work manageable. Every “DIY Kit” has been thoroughly tested by their beta customers to ensure the instruction is clear and estimated time for completion is accurate.

Bloominous understands that every wedding has to be perfect and error-free. Therefore, they offer Bloominous Promise to every customer.

1. Trial before you commit: We offer a Trial Kit at cost for each design so a couple can assess the design and the DIY work involved before purchasing the full package.

2. Precise customization: We offer several base packages that maximize savings. You can add additional a la cart pieces to make precise bundles suited for each wedding, so no waste of money and flowers. If you have further customization request, you can always call and we will do our best.

3. Guaranteed delivery: We guarantee deliveries are made 2-3 days prior to the wedding. If the original package cannot be delivered on time for some reason, we will dispatch a swat team to the Los Angeles flower market (one of the largest flower markets in the nation) to replicate the order and ship it to you overnight at our cost. You can rest assured to have flowers for your wedding.

Bloominous DIY flowers

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