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A Brief Understanding of Plantation Shutters

One of the favorite types of shutters available in the market are the plantation shutters. These shutters are extremely flexible, versatile, and cost effective. In addition to this, these shutters increase the overall resale value of the house. One more advantage of this type of shutter is that this is the only type of shutter that can be financed when the house is being purchased. The reason why the finance is allowed because these shutters stay back with the house when it is sold.

Many people prefer to install plantation shutters for kitchens. When looking for interior shutters, it is very important for the user to know that buying custom shutters will take stock panels and chip them down to fit the windows. Most of the times, the prices are similar. A traditional shutter is not the same as a plantation shutter. They contain narrow and small louvers. Traditional shutters are hardly installed at homes because the current trend in shutters is toward letting a lot of light in and providing an open view to the house owners.

A Brief Understanding of Plantation Shutters

The Spanish folks introduced the concept of plantation shutters to the Americans. Big plantation houses in the Southern region often use shutters made up of the louvered style. The current set of plantation shutters is available in different louver sizes and different styles. The most popular type of the louver size is the 2.5 inch that is commonly used in a family room.

Factors to Look into While Shopping for Plantation Shutters

When looking for plantation shutters, certain factors need to be considered. Companies that sell custom shutters build the correct fitting of shutters. The usual factors that are looked at while purchasing plantation shutters-

The Louver Tension of The Shutters Should be Properly Adjusted

It is very important for the louver of the shutters to be smooth and sit in the right position during the entire lifecycle of the shutter. Some manufacturers use tension screws on either side of the shutter panel and one screw is required for the louver section. The main problem with these tension screws is that they need to be tightened on a regular basis.

A Brief Understanding of Plantation Shutters

Shutters Should be Built from Quality Materials

The preferable material for the construction of plantation shutters is wood. One more point to notice here is that all the woods are not alike. Basswood is a superior type of wood because it is one of the straightest types of hardwoods that is made up of an indistinct grain and uniform texture. This wood can be stained and sanded to achieve a very smooth finish. Even though it is very light, it is still one of the strongest woods that are available.

Also, the customers should carry out a proper research on the company from where they plan to purchase the shutters. The company should hold a proper reputation in the market, possess complete knowledge of all the types of shutters, provide excellent customer support, and must be accessible to all kinds of customers. Some experts recommend customers to test the knowledge of the companies by asking questions related to customer references. An experienced company usually does not hesitate to share the list of references. If the company is hesitating, it is better for the customer to look for a different vendor or supplier. In addition to all of this, the company needs to be completely prepared to divulge all information about the company. The staff available in the company should be able to answer all technical-based questions as well.

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A Brief Understanding of Plantation Shutters

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  • I just love the look of plantation shutters! They’re not the norm where we live but I’ve always wanted a home with them on them! I didn’t know so many things about them or all the different kinds! I love them all!


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