How to Hit the Refresh Button if You’re Burnt Out

Burnt out? Here’s Easy, Everyday Ways to Hit the Refresh Button on your Brain

With our busy schedules, most of us being full time working moms and dads, having to attend to that gathering and this meeting, it is no wonder that the rate of depression and anxiety is so high nowadays. We simply do not have the time or the idea to stop and take a breath. Well, in terms of raising the awareness for the importance of mental health – we decided to dedicate a whole article on burnout. Perhaps you are hearing of this term for the first time; perhaps you are even questioning whether or not this is a real medical issue that we want to discuss with you. Well, you are in luck because what we are going to do today is tell you everything that you need to know about burnout, and most importantly, offer a chance of getting better to all of you out there who might be dealing with this issue.

How to Hit the Refresh Button if You're Burnt Out

What is a burnout?

The term burnout was first used in the 1970s to describe the consequences that resulted due to massive stress. Nowadays, there is no clear definition used to define the issue of burnout. Burnout can be simply described as emotional and physical exhaustion due to the exposure to a combination of environmental and internal factors and the possession of inadequate coping and adjusting skills. We differ occupational, physical and emotional burnout from one another. Often, the symptoms of burnout are mixed with the symptoms of depression, and we are going to talk about this existing difference, but to do that, we first need to revise the symptoms of burnout.

What are the symptoms of burnout?

  • Chronic fatigue – It all starts with feeling tired most of the days.
  • Insomnia – The sleep problems are what add up to the occurrence and development of chronic fatigue. It will start with one-two nights of sleep in a week, only to turn to chronic insomnia and inability to sleep despite how much exhausted you feel. You can have a look to nature sleep review for your Insomnia problem.
  • Impaired concentration and focus – These symptoms will go as far as disable you from doing any efficient work whatsoever. You will soon be unable to finish your work duties.
  • Physical symptoms – Common physical symptoms include dizziness, fainting, nausea, headaches, abdominal pain, headaches, shortness of breath, and chest pain.
  • Decreased appetite – It may start as a decreased appetite, but it is no surprise to find out that soon you have lost your appetite altogether.
  • Weakened immune system – You might find yourself being more sensitive to common viruses, flu, colds, and infections since your whole body is depleted.
  • Loss of interest – It may start will loss of interest for your job only to continue and eventually result in avoiding your family and friend since you are feeling no interest in the people or activities that had seemed interesting enough for you before.
  • Irritability – It can go so far as affect both your professional and personal relationships.
  • Feelings of hopelessness – It will cause you to question everything and everyone around you, wondering if it is even worth it to get up and talk to a single person today or go to work.

What is the difference between depression and burnout?

Only in few cases from twenty, people were noting the difficulties with drowsiness, headaches, tremors and stomach pain. Even though this suppose to be common side effects we still recommend to check the dosing or ask for change with your personal doctor. General feedback at from our clients about Ativan can be defined as positive.

We have not revealed a very important fact regarding the symptoms of burnout because we did not want to ruin the revelation that we are going to do now. Although many people seem to believe it, depression and burnout are two different conditions. To support that you need to know that depression and anxiety are listed as two very common symptoms of burnout. Burnout can eventually get worse and lead to this quite more serious condition – depression. But still, these are two different conditions that we are talking about here. But enough about this – let’s see how you can use the best brain foods to treat and prevent burnout for a change!

What can you do to treat a burnout?

* Start running – Perhaps this is not your number one chosen activity when you are dealing with chronic fatigue, insomnia, low appetite and the rest of the symptoms of burnout, but trust us – it is going to help you. Running is an effective way to get rid of any stress, and it is because of that running is used in the treatment of anxiety. Plus, you will get the chance to fill your lungs with fresh air and clear your thoughts.

* Meditation and yoga – What is a better way to relax both your mind and body than with a quiet meditation? You can either join a group or practice meditation by yourself at home. The same goes for yoga. There are hundreds and hundreds of studies done on yoga in the past years and all of there confirm the many beneficial effects that is poses – including decreased risk of heart problems, stroke, hypertension, and relaxed mind, low-stress levels, better metabolism and so on.

* Go on a long drive – If you enjoy driving but traffic jams are the ones that keep your stress levels high, then perhaps you can try driving alone, preferably during the night to help yourself relax when the traffic is low, and the streets are there for your journeys. You never known – perhaps you will drive yourself to some place that you have forgotten that it existed.

* Get a massage – Let some trained professional that know what is doing, take your stress away. What could be better than an hour spend while somebodies’ trained hands move up and down your back taking away all your stress and anxiety away?

* Make a sleep schedule – This is one of the most effective techniques that are being used to fight insomnia. When you create a sleep schedule, you start to plan your day out so that you go to bed at the exact time each day, leaving out 8-9 hours to get a good night sleep. Perhaps you can add a sleep ritual before going to bed such as drinking a cup of chamomile tea to relax. Just make sure that you are away from your TV, computer, and phone at least an hour before bed.

* Enjoy a long shower – There are many ways to calm down, a long, relaxing shower can go as far as a meditation session and bring the same results. Enjoying a long shower can relax and calm you as well as improve your creativity and removes the oily skin. A hot shower and a
cup of tea before bed are what will help you fall asleep more easily for sure!

* Improve your diet – Perhaps, it is your diet that is adding up to your increased sensibility to stress. Nowadays, we have less and less time to enjoy a healthy meal. Instead, we go for fast food and alcohol to help us go through the day. Well, it is time for a change. Include some of the best brain foods such as salmon, nuts, seeds, avocados, blueberries, etc.

Having to struggle with burnout is not an easy thing to do. Especially not since you have to continue with your daily routine at the same time, which by the way is probably the reason why you are feeling the way that you do currently. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. However, a stressful environment is what leads to burnout syndrome in most cases. But, whatever the reason is and whatever symptoms you do feel, it is most important to remember that you have to take the matters into your hands and ask for help. What starts as burnout, it can very easily lead to depression and anxiety and create problems as you cannot even imagine in your life. One can also have a look to focusene review.

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