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Buy, Sell and Trade Baby and Maternity Products On Mommy Trade!

Guess what moms and dads?! Mommy Trade is now live and waiting for YOU! (Notice I said ‘dads’ too?) Mommy Trade is the new FREE online marketplace for you to buy, sell and trade baby and maternity items. I took a peek around the site and wanted to share some neat features with you.

Buy, Sell and Trade Baby and Maternity Products On Mommy Trade!

Mommy Trade is free to join as well as free to post unlimited items! Users can rate buyers and sellers so you can get an idea of who you are dealing with. (Think Craigslist – but with ratings!) The site also has English and Spanish translation.

Take a look at the Home Page:

Mommy Trade Home

It has a nice clean look and I love the colors! Here you will find a list of Categories so it’s easy to find what you are looking for. The search bar up top allows you to narrow it down to your zip code and what item you would like to search. I put in my zip code but there were no listings available for me. Remember, this site JUST went live so just wait. I have a feeling it will blow up very soon!

I didn’t have anything to sell but I wanted to check out how easy it was for me to do that. You simply input the category that your item is in the dropdown menu and another dropdown menu pops up with a subcategory (I chose Baby Gear/Safety and then Diaper Bag (Mom)). The next page is for you to fill in all of the information about the product. I couldn’t go through the entire process because I do not have an item to list but here is a screenshot of this page:


If you register with Mommy Trade, you will get a Dashboard to keep track of any ads that you have listed. You can also click on a User’s name to check out their ads and rate them.

There is a wide range of baby and maternity product categories available – pretty much ANYTHING you can think of! I have two sisters that could definitely get some use out of Mommy Trade so I will be sharing this with them. Also, while looking around, I am seeing not just baby items but children’s items as well.

The only problem that I had was that it wasn’t obvious to me how to contact a seller about a product. On the right side of the ad is a map of where the item is located. It didn’t jump out to me that there were tabs above it: Map, Contact and Seller. I think maybe different colored tabs may have made it pop out to me better. Clicking on Contact will take you to a contact form so you can get in touch with the seller about the item. The Seller tab gives you info about the seller and what other ads they have listed. You will also find their Seller rating and score. As of now, no one has much of a score/rating because, again, it is a brand new site.


If you are looking for baby, children or maternity items make sure to keep Mommy Trade in mind! Connect with them below:

Connect With Them

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  • I am going to have to check out MommyTrade. This seems like a great alternative to Craigslist.


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