Ceregumil EP Kids ~ All-Natural Immune Booster

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Many people think that because we homeschool, our kids don’t get as sick as often as public school kids. Yes, that may be true, but we can’t hide from it forever. Even a trip to the grocery store can mean picking up some random germ floating around.

I’ve even had some comments about how we aren’t allowing our kids’ immune systems to build up since they aren’t around a ton of other kids all day. I’m not sure if that was an excuse for me to NOT homeschool anymore but it didn’t work.

The hubs and I, as their parents, make sure that we do whatCeregumil EP Kids ~ All-Natural Immune Booster we can to protect their health. Vitamins are a great start but we also take immune boosters for that extra punch, specifically Ceregumil EP Kids.

Ceregumil EP Kids Liquid Supplement ~ Natural Immune System Support and Booster in Syrup Form

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you may remember the name Ceregumil. We regularly take their liquid multi-vitamins, Vitamix and Kids.

The Ceregumil EP Kids is an ALL-NATURAL liquid immune booster with a great cherry taste. In all honesty, we thought it smelled like cherry flavored cough syrup, but it definitely does NOT taste horrible like it. It tastes sweet and is a much more pleasant experience.

Ceregumil EP Kids ~ All-Natural Immune Booster

Quick Facts:

  • Premium Immunity Blend: Contains Echinacea, Propolis & Vitamin C – nature’s own wellness boosters, thought to promote healthy immunity in growing kids.
  • Fosters Health & Vitality: Also has Royal Jelly, believed to help strengthen the body’s natural defenses & support healthy energy levels. Great for youngsters who are under the weather.
  • All-Natural Nutrition: 100% NON-GMO! Contains gentle herbal ingredients designed to balance the gaps in your child’s diet and provide essential nutrients their growing bodies need to thrive.
  • For Kids Age 3 & Up: Yummy cherry flavor. Liquid form is absorbed more quickly by the body than pills to help them feel better fast.
  • First Line Defense – Fights fatigue and gives healthy energy.

Ceregumil EP Kids ~ All-Natural Immune Booster

I am very happy to include another great product from Ceregumil to our daily routine. So far, we haven’t been sick in a good while. (*knocks on wood*)

Where To Buy

You can find Ceregumil EP Kids and other great products on the Ceregumil website as well as

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Ceregumil was gracious enough to give away 3 bottles of Ceregumil EP Kids to 7 winners!

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  • How are you Jess ! this is such a great article !!! thank you for share this product !

  • Deana Holstein

    Their sports kit looks awesome! I would love to try all the products really lol.

  • I have actually never heard of this but sounds like something my own kids should be taking. I might just have to give it a try. BTW I’m pretty sure homeschooling is the way to go. Way less germs to be passed around.

  • I would also like to try the Boost Energy Kit!

  • Tami Lewis

    The sports kit is my choice.

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    I like the Welcome Kit.

  • Gabrielly

    I like the Boost Energy Kit.

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    The Boost Energy Kit has my attention! I’d like to try it!

  • Gabrielly

    I like The sports kit.

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    I’m interested in the Ceregumil Boost Energy Kit.

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    I like the boost of energy kit, and also like the elderly kit.

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    I am interested in the Sports Kit.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This sounds like it would be great for my grandchildren. I will be giving this a try. Thank you for sharing

  • I’m sorry you have to deal with comments about homeschooling. Propolis and echinaecea are excellent supplements for the immune system.


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