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Coosh Bluetooth Speaker Review

 Coosh Bluetooth Speaker Review

 Coosh Bluetooth Speaker Review

Coosh Bluetooth Speaker Here’s another great wireless bluetooth speaker review for you! This one is the Coosh Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0. This Coosh is an extended range speaker with built in speakerphone, and 8 hour rechargeable battery. Coosh actually speaks to you to tell you how much battery life you have when it turns on! I haven’t seen another bluetooth speaker do that. 


 Coosh Bluetooth Speaker

Another feature that makes this bluetooth speaker unique is it’s hand recognition technology! There are 4 motion sensors located on the top of the speaker. To activate the motion sensors you just wave your hand from right to left to skip to the next track, and vice versa. How neat is that?! It also includes a Micro-SD Card Insert to play songs from your  memory card.
 Coosh Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is loud and I love the hand-gesture controls. It’s great to use outside while hanging out or working in the yard. My hubs even talked about using it while working since he works outside but it hasn’t left my bathroom yet! I like to set it up with my smartphone and play music while in the shower. So simple and easy with just a few clicks. The hand gestures make it so much easier to use while showering since you don’t have to touch your phone & get everything wet trying to reach it.

How about grabbing one of these for that certain someone on your list??

The Coosh Bluetooth Speaker is available at Amazon right now for just:

List Price: $119.95
Price: $29.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members
You Save: $89.96 (75%)
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