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Develop A Stress-Free Cleaning Routine For Your Busy Lifestyle

Develop A Stress-Free Cleaning Routine For Your Busy Lifestyle

Your home is dirtier than you think. According to a study from the University of Colorado, most households contain over 9,000 species of microbes, bacteria, and fungus. But it can be hard to keep up a cleaning routine while attending to all the responsibilities of busy mom life. Balancing homeschooling, errands, and family time is already stressful, and it can be difficult to find the time or motivation to add another chore to the mix. However, the coronavirus epidemic has shown how important regular cleaning is for your family’s health. Developing a regular routine that will allow you to keep your home sparkling clean without adding to the stress of your busy schedule is therefore key.

Set Realistic Goals

Chances are, if you tell yourself you’re going to clean the bathroom every day, you won’t be able to complete that goal. Everyday life will get in the way, and you’ll become frustrated that you weren’t able to follow through on your goals. Instead, make your cleaning goals as specific and realistic as possible. Setting small goals will be easier to accomplish and allow you to both be more productive and stay motivated. Once a week, create a cleaning schedule with specific, small tasks assigned to each day, like “clean the downstairs toilet” or “dust the bookshelf.” Keep your schedule somewhere visible in order to hold yourself accountable, like your refrigerator or a small whiteboard, and cross off each task as you accomplish it throughout the week.

Be Thorough Each Time You Clean

In order to ensure that you are making the most of your cleaning schedule, be sure that you are thorough and intentional every time that you clean. You will also need to clean less frequently if you work thoughtfully and completely. Especially with the threat of coronavirus infection, make sure that you regularly clean all surfaces that you touch, such as doorknobs, countertops, and faucets. Before using a disinfectant, such as a bleach mixture or disinfecting spray, make sure that you wash surfaces with soap and water first. Spend the time to vacuum, dust, clean, and disinfect every time that you clean to protect your family’s health and make your cleaning as productive as possible.

Recruit Your Family Members

You have a lot on your to-do list, and cleaning your house can feel overwhelming. But you’re not the only person living in your home. When cleaning a room, break it down into smaller tasks. Then, delegate those tasks to other members of your family. This can also be a great way for your children to learn responsibilities and understand the importance of contributing to a team. Working together will make cleaning more enjoyable and will allow you to accomplish it more quickly. Consider making a chore chart for older children who are able to complete cleaning tasks on their own. You will be on your way to a stress-free, caring household.

Cleaning may feel like another stressful chore to fit into your already-busy schedule. But with some clear planning, cooperation, and thorough execution, cleaning can be a stress-free part of your routine.

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8 thoughts on “Develop A Stress-Free Cleaning Routine For Your Busy Lifestyle

  • Good read. You are right cleaning is necessary for a good environment at home. Dirt always create stress.

  • Honestly, it is very difficult to pay attention to cleaning the house after a busy day. My own work desk is almost always dusty, I don’t have time to clean.

    Fact is, it takes a strong desire to clean the house, it takes effort. Personally, I’m very lazy in this work.

    Thanks for writing such a blog for us to give a boost to make our home neat and clean. Although it is a very small blog, it is still very informative, especially for me.

    Thanks again, for the nice reminder.

  • Very easy and amazing way to make the stress free cleaning routine. Thank you for sharing this informative article.

  • This really informative article. Exactly what I was looking for such nice information on cleaning tips for disinfecting my home properly during this COVID situation. Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips!

  • The part where you mentioned that most houses have more than 9,000 species of microbes, bacteria, and fungus worried me a lot. I won’t be surprised if there are surfaces with the COVID-19 virus without us knowing. For our own safety, I think it would be better to hire professionals who can clean and disinfect the house on a daily basis.

  • I have personally observed this that whenever I am in stress I clean my room, Clean and clear clean house is a healthy environment ❤️


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