Dogs On The Road: Some Dos And Don’ts

Dog owners often need to travel with their pets in the car. But actually going on a road trip with a pooch – whether to the store or a completely different country – is a challenge. Just like kids, dogs don’t particularly enjoy long journeys. And they need regular breaks.

Dogs On The Road: Some Dos And Don'ts

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Fortunately, this post is here to help. In it, we take a look at some dos and don’ts for taking your dog on the road! Check them out below.

Don’t Forget To Fit Window Shades

Dogs can easily overheat on long car journeys, especially when you park up. It’s a good idea, therefore, to install window shades to keep out the worst of the midday sun. Dogs like a bit of light. But when it glares on them consistently, it can get a little uncomfortable.

Window shades also come in handy for keeping your car cool on bathroom breaks. Unprotected vehicles can warm to uncomfortable temperatures in a matter of minutes on hot days. But with window shields, you can keep the warmth out more easily.

Do Stop Every Hour Or So

Dogs are okay spending 45 minutes to an hour riding in the car. But any longer than that, and you start running into trouble. Pooches just really don’t like sitting still for hours at a time. It’s not in their nature. They want to move.

Before you set off on a long journey, plan your stops along the route. Make sure that you have plenty of bathroom breaks and a chance to give your dog some food and water.

Don’t Forget To Restrain Your Dog

How you restrain your dog is very much up to you. We suggest that you start by finding the best dog car hammock you can. These clever items keep dogs contained in the backseat while allowing them to move around freely.

If you’re worried about the safety of your dog, you can also strap them in using dog harnesses. These usually hook over the head restraints and hold the dog in a fixed position during the journey.

Cages are okay, but they don’t give dogs much room for movement. Plus, they can injure your dog if you crash.

Do Make The Destination Worth The Journey
Dogs On The Road: Some Dos And Don'ts

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Usually, dogs don’t mind traveling so long as the destination is worth it. There’s a big difference between taking a dog to the park and the vets. In the former, they’re excited. In the latter, they’re usually worried.

Do Get Motion Sickness Medication

Just like people, some dogs can experience motion sickness on long journeys. However, you can now get motion sickness medication that prevents them from feeling sick and under the weather.

If you don’t want to use medication, make sure that your dog always faces the direction of motion. You can do this by installing the dog seatbelt harness we mentioned earlier.

Don’t Forget To Bring Plenty Of Water

Lastly, always carry plenty of water with you on long road journeys. Nowadays, you can buy special doggie water bottles that serve water in an attached lapping bowl.

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