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Don’t Miss These Spots When Cleaning Your House

Don’t Miss These Spots When Cleaning Your House

Everyone has busy lives and routines, especially when they have a family. Because of this, it’s easy to just go through the motions when you clean your house. You’ll dust, vacuum, and maybe tidy up as you go, but you don’t have the time to concentrate on certain tasks that still need doing.

So, here are some of those easy-to-miss jobs that you should include in your cleaning routine. Some of these might not need to be tackled every week, but you should still make sure they get done now and then.

Clean Your Windows

If you hire a window cleaner, you might think that this job has already been handled. Unfortunately, you’d be mistaken. Window cleaners do a brilliant job of the outside of your windows, but the inside windows go untouched.

You might not necessarily forget to clean your windows, but you might just put it off for next week. Then, when you’re still busy next week, you might figure that it can wait another week. You can see how a pattern can set in.

While you can go with the old vinegar and cloth method, there is another way to clean your windows. A magnetic window cleaner works by cleaning the inside and outside of your windows simultaneously, potentially saving on that window cleaning bill. Even better, a robotic magnetic window cleaner can handle your windows while you get on with other jobs.

Clean Your Rugs and Carpet

If you have carpets or rugs, then you likely keep on top of a regular vacuuming routine. That’s brilliant, but it isn’t all that your carpet needs to be truly cleaned. As well as hair, dust, and the odd crumb, your carpet soaks up all kinds of nasty stuff.

If you’ve ever spilled a soft drink, dropped some saucy food, or tracked mud in, it will soak into your carpet. Even if you’re quick with the paper towels, your carpet or rug now has part of your drink or dinner soaked into it.

The only way to get rid of this is to regularly clean your carpet. If you use a good carpet cleaner, you’ll soon spot the difference after you’ve given it a once-over. For a particularly tough job, you may need to go over it a few times, or until the water runs clear. In any case, you’ll be shocked by what comes out.

Clean Your Walls

After a few years of wear and tear, your walls will start to look a bit grubby. This is especially true when small children are involved, as grubby little fingers find their way on every surface. You might be tempted to repaint your walls once they get particularly bad, but there’s a way around this.

You can use a fabric conditioner to wipe out any marks that have found their way onto your walls, removing even stubborn stains. Even better, the paintwork underneath will be just fine. So, scrub away and marvel at your beautifully clean walls.

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