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My Dream Laundry Room for Making Laundry Time Easier

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Laundry is one thing I completely dread. I would literally hire someone to do it all for me. Putting the clothes in the washer isn’t so bad, it’s getting them in the dryer, and forget about folding.

If I had an actual room dedicated to laundry it probably wouldn’t be so bad. Our washer and dryer are in the garage and that place can get pretty cluttered up, making me not want to even go in there.

If I had my wish, my dream laundry room would look a little like this:

My Dream Laundry Room for Making Laundry Time Easier

It’s gorgeous, right?! I probably wouldn’t hate doing it so much then.

Here is My Dream Laundry Room for Making Laundry Time Easier:

The Right Washing/Drying Appliance

Our washer is fairly new but it is still a basic one. Our dryer could definitely stand an upgrade. With 5 of us, we go through a ton of laundry so we need a large capacity system. The new LG Twin Wash system includes LG Front Load laundry paired with LG’s SideKick Pedestal Washer would cut laundry time down for us.

LG Twin Wash system

With LG’s TwinWash system you get the best of both worlds. For small loads that can’t wait (The sweatpants after hot yoga, the red shirt in a pile of whites, the dirty school uniform on a Sunday night) there is the LG SideKick pedestal washer. You can even use it simultaneously while you do a bigger load up top on your LG Front load washer.

Not only do these washers have mega capacity to tackle any size load, they are energy efficient while giving you the best cleaning performance. No wonder more households have chosen LG laundry over any other brand!

Oh, and by the way, from 1/11/18 – 4/25/18, you can receive up to $500 off an LG laundry solution for your home!

Folding Table

Having a nice large table or counter to fold clothes on in the laundry room would make a great addition. As of now, I just dump the clothes onto a bed or couch to be folded, if they even make it out of the basket from the dryer. We all have a pile of clean clothes somewhere, don’t act like you don’t! A large enough area dedicated to folding would help with that dreaded task.

Laundry Supply Cabinet

Right now our laundry supplies are either on the floor in front of the washer and dryer or on a rack above them. Because they are in the garage, the top rack is taken over by random garage-y stuff. Having a special place for all of the laundry supplies in one area could help speed up the laundry process as well, not to mention making it just look cleaner.

Laundry Sorting System

Our laundry sorting system now could use some work. As of now, it consists of two hampers – one for my husband’s work clothes and the second hamper for everything else. When it comes time to do laundry, I have to take everything out of the one hamper to sort through it all before even starting a load.

There are many laundry sorting systems you could go with. You can have specific areas for white/dark, bedding, towels, his/hers, specific people could have their own area, etc. However you do your sorting, a system and special area for it would work wonders for laundry time.

Laundry Sorter

Clothing Racks

I don’t have a clothing rack in our laundry area because it won’t fit. It’s currently in my bedroom. We need one since the husband’s work clothes have to hang dry. I hate having to carry the wet clothes from the garage all the way to our bedroom just to hang them. HATE IT! My dream laundry room would definitely include that along with a drying rack for delicates and swimsuits.

So now that you’ve seen my ideas for my dream laundry room, tell me what you would include in yours! What do you think about the new LG Front Load laundry paired with LG’s SideKick Pedestal Washer?


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