Easy Ways To Keep Your Children Entertained In Self-Isolation

Self-isolation seems to be becoming the new normal for many countries around the world. Since the pandemic hit, millions of people have experienced self-isolation during traveling or due to being in contact with a positive person. Isolating on your own is hard work and isolating with children can be even more of a challenge. However, there are some great ways to keep your children entertained during self-isolation. For some genius and simple ideas, keep reading.

Easy Ways To Keep Your Children Entertained In Self-Isolation

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Help them design their idea of fun

Your children will need to stay entertained during isolation. Although they will have school work to get on with, they won’t be able to spend their free time outside playing with friends. Instead, they will need to stay cooped up inside until the isolation is complete.

To keep them entertained and happy, it will help to ask them what their idea of fun is. If it is to make something, then help them with their design. Getting their product design right is so important to ensure that their idea comes to life. Helping them with the design process will help them understand that their ideas are feasible and ensure that the design is right before making the product.

For instance, if they want to build their own fort in the garden to play their games then drawing up a design before building it will ensure that it is possible. You won’t want to get halfway through the project and realize that the garden is too wide and shatter your child’s dreams. It will leave them disappointed and maybe more agitated as their fun will be ruined.

Get crafty

Being crafty is an essential activity you should do with your children at home. Getting them involved with arts and making things will keep them entertained. It will also feel rewarding for them to make something to be proud of.

Whether they like to draw, paint, or write, encourage them to get creative during their free time. They might struggle to come up with ideas to keep them entertained for long enough. So if you give them something to make or draw, then they will have a sense of responsibility and encourage them to keep their head down and minds entertained for longer.


Every child loves to bake and get involved in the kitchen. Instead of telling them off and asking them to get out of the way when you cook, you should encourage them to join in. this is especially useful when you are isolating together. Asking them to get involved will keep them entertained and help them feel useful. It will also strengthen the bond you have with your children.

You could use your ingredients at home to make cakes, cookies, or anything that your child wants to make. Asking them for recipe ideas will encourage them to get involved. Plus, they will feel a huge sense of achievement when you have made a deliciously wonderful creation together in the kitchen.

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