How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Eating healthy is always important, however, with our busy schedules, it seems that following a healthy diet and traveling is the last thing on our mind. But with the new year that has recently started, perhaps it is time for all of that to finally change!

We hope that you have made the resolution to replace your usual fast food for lunch and dinner and your habit to skip breakfast and turn to carbohydrates later in the day with a healthy, balanced diet that contains all the essential nutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, fibers, minerals, and vitamins.

But eating healthy can be hard enough when you are at home, nevertheless while you are traveling. So perhaps you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the thought of keeping your resolution during the following vacation that follows. Not to worry, we have these great tips that will help you keep your healthy diet even when you are traveling! Let’s start!

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Tips for eating healthy during your trip

· Eat a balanced breakfast – A healthy breakfast is a part of any healthy diet plan. Do not skip your breakfast just because you are on your vacation and you want to sleep in. Make sure that you got all the ingredients that you need for a healthy, balanced breakfast. Perhaps you can take your oat flakes or whole grain cereals packed in plastic bags with you on your trip. That way all that you have to do is buy your favorite Greek yogurt and add the flakes or cereal in it. There you have it – a healthy breakfast to start your day with. In addition, you can also buy some seasonal fruits to add more taste!

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

· Do not skip your snacks – Make sure that you are feeling full throughout the day and you have the energy to explore the city that you are visiting by eating your healthy snacks. You can either bring your snacks from home or buy them on your way. However, make sure that you are choosing seasonal fruits, nuts and granola bars as healthy snack example. But do not take a lot of them with you. One bag of nuts or one banana should be enough for you to snack on until you are ready for lunch. Do not risk missing your lunch just because you have had more snacks, healthy or not, before.

· Choose a healthy lunch – It is only natural to want to enjoy in the local cuisine while you are visiting another country or city. However, make sure that you start with a soup or a salad first. And always make sure that you get to use the health benefits from eating your greens for the day by choosing vegetables on the side in addition to the main course. You know that most fruits and vegetables are filled with antioxidants – compounds which are of a vital importance for your health, especially if you are suffering from Arthritis and going through joint pain treatments. Again, make sure that you do not overeat and don’t forget to take Best Joint Pain Reliever. You would only feel nauseous and create bad memories for yourself from the restaurant that you had just visited.

Healthy lunch

· Drink your water – Remember to drink enough water while you are on your vacation. The best trick would be to carry your fresh water, to which you might add a lemon slice to improve the taste, in a glass bottle around with you. That way you will always have something refreshing to hold on to while you are exposing the streets and enjoying your days traveling. And if you are out of the water you can always refill your bottle with water that you will buy at the local store. There is really no reason why you would avoid drinking water, is there?

· Drink your alcohol in moderation – Yes, you are on a vacation, perhaps you have even found a traditional drink or a famous cocktail that you like but you still would need to remember to drink in moderation. Alcohol brings enough health risks as it is, so you would not like to overdo it, would you? Ending your day with a cocktail or two or a glass of beer or wine is an example of what you alcohol intake should look like, not only during your traveling but for the rest of the days as well if you are interested in keeping your body healthy.


· Skip eating a big dinner – We do not mean to skip dinner altogether – that would be a very unhealthy thing to do. But instead of eating a big dinner filled with carbohydrates and fats, you should eat a small portion light dinner that is only there to satisfy your need for hunger not leave you filling as if you cannot breathe. Choose a small portion of salad to gain the best effect and not let yourself starve or overeat. Add a full glass of water to that and you are on the right track!


Have you just began eating a more healthy diet as your new year’s resolution? That is great because a healthy diet has been known to work against the causes of joint pain, obesity, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes but most importantly to keep your general health intact.

Are you worried how are you will be able to continue eating healthy during your planned trip that follows? Well, you do not have to worry about long because we have these super tricks that are supposed to make eating healthier a real joy during your trip!

It may involve bringing your own food from home and walk around with a bottle of fresh water around the city that you are in, but it is all worth it. You will quickly learn that all these things are worth to consider and you do not have to even skip on that delicious Italian pizza or your favorite seafood while you are at a vacation to get the full effect of eating healthy.

All that you have to do is eat in moderation and include your daily fruits and vegetables as well as your water for the day! Eating healthy is awesome, taking care of your body and mind as well. So go on that trip that you have been planning and waiting for and enjoy yourself!


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3 thoughts on “How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

  • Thanks for the ideas!

    I also find this challenging. I tend to consume a lot of whole and ready-to-eat foods while on vacation. Nuts, seeds, and fruits are my favorites.

    Best wishes and keep sharing awesome ideas!

  • Great tips! Having a big dinner is a no no for me. Usually when travelling, I eat heavy breakfast and lunch especially when we’re eating out getting a taste of local cuisine. Other than that, I always pack my ready-to-make healthy shakes and drink.

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