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Family Adventure Vacation Ideas

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Tour operators have realized that families want more than theme parks and waterparks for their vacations. Nowadays, the expectations for vacations have changed, and families strive for a richer cultural experience that is special and educational. This post gives you ten of the best adventure vacation ideas for your family.

Meet natives in wild Borneo

Natives don’t just mean the local people; you will also get to know the pygmy elephants and the proboscis monkey on this trip of a lifetime to the jungles of deepest Borneo. This is an adventure vacation of a lifetime and one your family will never forget.

This trip is perfect because it combines adventure and education; you and your family will live in tribal longhouses where you engage with the traditional lifestyles and learn new skills like lighting fires and shooting blowpipes – enriching experiences that will fuel your children’s education for years.

Discover the Wild West

You are never too young to visit the Wild West and appreciate the raw beauty of the Grand Canyon and surrounding landscape. Tour operators have responded to consumer demand in this sense and provided 12-day family vacations to enjoy in one of America’s numerous National Parks.

If your kids are excited by stories of native people and their country’s history, it’s a rewarding and educational experience to see the landscape firsthand. They will experience not only the beauty of the giant canyon and river valley but also the vastness of the star-speckled night sky.

Hiking and camping in the hills

Hiking and camping in the hills are some of the best vacation ideas for people of any age. It might not be the first thing you consider when thinking about a family vacation, but hiking and camping can be a fun, creative, and educational adventure for children and adults.

Since you’re out on the hills in all weathers, it’s important to go prepared; the last thing you want is for your flashlight to run out of batteries or your tent to tear. So head over to EcoGear FX to browse all the latest and best gear for hiking and camping and make your family trip a safe one.

A South African nature reserve

South Africa is home to some of the best-known exotic creatures on the planet. Think of the Big Five, that’s lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and buffalo – a South African nature reserve has them all. Most likely, your kids will love to see their toy animals in real life.

There are plenty of tour operators in South Africa to help you organize the adventure vacation of a lifetime with your loved ones. You can start off in Soweto – a famous township – then move to a Zulu village where you can enjoy hiking, rafting, and kayaking.

Meet natives in Costa Rica

If you want a family vacation that has a bit of everything, then take a look at what Costa Rica has to offer. Costa Rica is the perfect combination of family vacation and adventure holiday, giving you the best of both worlds and catering to the different personalities in your family.

In Costa Rica, you can find amazing beaches, lush rain forests, volcanos, and waterfalls. These locations are ideal for adventure excursions, but if you need to relax and unwind, you can also head to the long sandy beaches of the coast, where you can re-energize.

Kayaking in California

Espiritu Santo Island in California is a large island off the coast on the Mexican side; it’s the perfect place for a sea kayaking expedition vacation which is why tour operators have embraced the site enthusiastically. If your kids are a little older and they like physical adventure, they will love this trip.

Over eight days, you circumnavigate the island in kayaks stopping off at white sandy beaches and rocky bays to camp for the night and eat freshly caught seafood. As you travel around the island, you can expect to encounter an abundance of native marine life.

Visit a castle in Transylvania

Most kids love spooky season unless they are particularly sensitive to ghouls and ghosts; that’s what makes a three-day family trip to Dracula’s castle such an inviting adventure for all the family. You will immerse yourself in the world of Bram Stoker’s classic creation.

On this adventure vacation, you will start with a traditional ceremony to help lost souls find peace before moving to Bran Castle, which is also known as Dracula’s castle. This is also the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler – the original model for Dracula.

The jungles and cities of Peru

Latin America offers some of the best locations for adventure holidays in the world, with ancient landscapes, cultures, and trails for trekking. If you want to combine culture with the landscape, then visit Machu Pichu in Peru to enjoy ruined temples and exotic wildlife.

But ancient cities are not the only feature of a vacation to Peru; you can also enjoy jungle trips in the Amazon, where you are guaranteed to meet native wildlife on a short flight over the jungle or a boat ride through the humid wilderness.

The ancient lands of China

China is a culture and nation with a long history and many ancient traditions. This country and region have also made a significant impact on the world’s cultures and traditions. Visiting China is the opportunity of a lifetime and an excellent chance to educate your children.

Many tour operators cater to families that want to discover China; mostly, they will start off in one of the big cities like Beijing and take in the Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven, and The Great Wall. These are big hitters, but there is a lot more on offer.

The ancient lands of India

India is another culture and region that is rich in history and has influenced the world greatly. India has one of the largest global populations, and while there is much poverty, there is also much wealth. You will visit vibrant streets and palaces in India and see some of the native wildlife you know well from books and movies.

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