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Spend Your Next Family Vacation Camping

Taking a camping vacation is one of the most popular recreational activities in the USA with more than 41.8 million people participating during 2017, and expenditure on camping equipment reaching 3 billion dollars, proving our desires for spending time outdoors is strong. Going on a camping trip with the family can be an inspiring adventure, full of wonder, awesome landscapes while offering kids educational opportunities on vacation. Additionally, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune compared to jet-setting vacations, so what’s not to love?

Spend Your Next Family Vacation Camping

Packing up to go

Once you’ve decided on your mode of transport and destination, all that’s left to do is pack up everything and making sure it all fits in! Think about what camping equipment you’ll need for your sleeping areas, camp kitchen and campfire area. While you may not have all the essentials, scouring around in thrift stores or online, will help you get everything you need within your funds. One thing that is worth spending your dollars on is the right kind of backpack appropriate to each family member, especially if you’re planning on going hiking while on your holiday.

On the road

After you’ve budgeted for fuel, it’s relatively easy to save cash when traveling on the road, providing you stock up before you leave. Think about snacks and drinks that will fill up the kids en route, and you can even make a pit stop among the natural beauty to set up your camp stove and cook a hot dinner. While you can still afford yourself the luxury of eating out, breakfasts are usually more cost effective than evening dinners although keep an eye out for deals and vouchers from local eateries for dining out.

Arriving at your destination

If you’re traveling afar and you’re camping along your route, there are plenty of campsites in America’s National Parks which will be a cheaper alternative to motels until you arrive at your destination. Spending time around the campfire are excellent opportunities for teaching your kids skills and activities to have fun with which won’t eat into your budget. Similarly, taking long walks in nature packed parks and spotting wildlife are excellent ways to entertain children, and they’re all free!

A family camping trip is an enjoyable way to spend time together in the great outdoors for a vacation on a budget while also having the ultimate bonding experience with your family.

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