First Impressions – Create a Great Reception Area

First Impressions - Create a Great Reception Area

Some studies suggest you have seven seconds to make a good first impression upon first meeting with someone. And you should treat your reception area the same. A reception area should give visitors a positive first impression and send the right message about your company. It is also the space that employees walk through every day and should set the tone for the workday. Furniture, artwork, and flooring all are cohesive together to project the right image. When planning a new entrance space, the general rule of thumb for business is to understand your target audience. So, how can your reception do this? How can space be utilised?

Reception Area Furniture

Good reception area furniture gives the impression that the business has the financial means to support their good taste. But it goes beyond that; in addition to being stylish and communicating the company’s brand values, practical considerations must also be taken into account. One vital ingredient is the desk. A good reception desk will cost more than a standard office desk, but the investment is worth it if it helps develop an image aligned with the company’s values.

Reception desks need to be multi-functional workspaces because this is where many important tasks are carried out, such as answering phone calls, receiving and sending letters, and welcoming visitors.

To complement the reception desk, soft seating or tub chairs can be added to the reception area, which will enhance the overall appearance and offer comfortable seating for visitors. In addition, creating social spaces is essential to develop a rapport with future and current clients.

The artwork should reflect the overall style and colour scheme of the rest of the office. Therefore, it should be tasteful and used sparingly.


The reception area should be clean and uncluttered, with furnishings spaced so that visitors are not crowded together but are close enough to create a welcoming environment.

Company Branding

Your reception area can also be your advertising! Use your reception area to reflect the company brand; if the company logo is not featured prominently, consider using elements of the logo or similar colours to incorporate into the space. Maybe get the logo printed on the carpet?


Flooring and furnishings should be durable to withstand frequent use and should be stain resistant. Use mats and runner rugs in inclement weather and provide coat racks or closets to keep wet outerwear off the furniture.

Introduce Greenery

Bringing a little bit of the outdoors indoors is not only proven to have positive wellness benefits, but it will help brighten up space with a little colour. Depending on how much natural light your reception area gets, there’s sure to be plants to suit. For example, if your reception lacks natural light, choosing low-maintenance plants is a good idea.

Play Soft Music

Cut the TV and blaring radio. If you want to come across as professional and offer a space for visitors and clients to feel welcome, blasting their senses with the local radio station or TV shows they may find undesirable is not the best way. Instead, why not choose a couple of playlists with jazz or soft music.

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