FREE Kindle Science Apps

Last week I shared with you some free science experiment links. This week I’ll share a list of some great FREE Kindle Science Apps!

Apps are a great way to fit in some fun learning for the kids (and even for yourself!) Take a look at this list of Free Kindle Science Apps.

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FREE Kindle Science Apps

FREE Kindle Science Apps

*Make sure to check prices before downloading!*

Amazing Science facts – movin’App

With “Amazing Science Facts” learn every day new fascinating, strange, funny, and interesting facts about science.

Sink or Float Lite – a water science game for kids – DonkeySoft Inc.

Toys, fruit and more are dropped into water and the player must guess whether they will sink or float before watching the result. Just play for fun or keep score with various “reward” levels achieved as you progress through more than 100 different objects.
“Sink or Float” was created by parents for kids ranging from age 2 to the kid in all of us. It comes with 2 versions, “Play Game” and “Drop Stuff”.

Pocket Penguins – California Academy of Sciences

Pocket Penguins, streaming in real-time from the California Academy of Sciences, provides an intimate view into our live African penguin exhibit. Watch the birds swim, dive, flirt, nest and relax from any one of three live webcams. Listen in as Academy biologists answer questions from visitors during meal time, daily at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm PST.

BioInteractive EarthViewer – HHMI

EarthViewer is like a time machine for exploring Earth’s deep history. Based on the latest scientific research, it lets you scroll through the last 4.5 billion years with your fingertips. Follow a favorite landmark, be it Greenland or New York City, as its position shifts through time, or watch a famous fossil like Tiktaalik make an incredible journey from its origin to its current location. Layer your view of shifting continents with data on atmospheric composition, temperature, biodiversity, day length, and solar luminosity, to get a more complete view of our dynamic planet.

Smart Microscope Lite – Smart In Media GmbH & Co. KG

In this revolutionary app, you receive over 70 microscopic slides of amazing insects, spiders, dangerous parasites, beautiful plants and medical specimens of humans. Smart Microscope can be used like a real microscope, with which you can zoom into the virtual slides with your fingers. There are numerous expert comments on all slides and in all zoom levels to understand the biology underneath.

Amazing Universe Facts – movin’App
Learn every day new fascinating, strange, funny and interesting facts about the universe.
Kids Learn Birds – XigXag Interactive
Kids learn knowledge including their habitat, size, sound ( voice or bird call) and nesting. All information is in tabular form and simple English for 5-year-old and above kids to understand easily. Even kids from non- english countries can enjoy the app with voice and bird animation.

Pocket Physics – Geckonization

Easy-to-use, free app that covers most of the physical formulas with descriptions and images. It is perfect for students to do physics homework quickly and accurately.

Periodic Table – Socratica, LLC
Learn the periodic table of elements with Socratica. Over 30 facts about each element for reference. Audio clips to help with pronunciation. Test yourself with quiz mode. Find elements by table, search or index.
Chemistry Memory HD – Fun Studyo
Match the elements & compounds with their properties, the faster you complete, the more you score!

Petting Zoo – Socratica, LLC

An amazing place for your child to meet 65 animals from every corner of the globe. This app has beautiful illustrations and spoken descriptions to help your child learn all about their favorite animal friends.

There are soooo many more free science educational Android apps! Check them all out here!


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