Fun in the sun!

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Since we have finished with our regular school work, we decided to celebrate! So we took a trip to Melbourne Beach, FL. We started the trip late Saturday afternoon since we weren’t too sure about the weather which was fine since the sun is NOT our friend!

We made it there by 5pm & it had just finished raining on the way there so the beach was e m p t y! We all had so much fun just exploring the beach & found so many awesome & different looking shells. L8 is planning on cleaning them & adding them to his fish tank & M6 said she wants us to do a unit on seashells!

I feel so proud of my kids when they can look at something & find the educational value in it without any prompting from me! Daddy dug out a hole & then buried the kids in it. We were all laughing so hard watching them all take their turns trying to get out!

Fun in the Sun!





On our way home we stopped at the Melbourne Square Mall since the kids still had birthday money that they wanted to spend. L8 came out w/ a video game & pre-ordered a new one so he got a poster (somehow I didn’t get a pic of him), M6 made a kitty at The Bear Factory (just like Build-A-Bear) & dressed her as a ladybug, & J12 found the new cd she was wanting.


Since we got home last night M6 has been dressed in her ladybug costume & playing w/ her kitty, named Meowee. So cute!  Also stopped just before we got home to get L8 hair trimmed…..such a handsome pants!
(Again, sorry about the horrible quality of pics. Still only have the webcam & my hubs phone!)

Now this week I have to get the house back in order, unpack, do laundry, get the kids to clean their rooms, & pack them up for my dads house next week.
Every year they spend a week at his house w/ their other cousins they don’t get to see as much & they always have a blast. I’m excited too but I will miss them. I love my babies but sometimes mama needs a break!

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