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Get A More Restful Sleep with the Novosbed Opus Pillow


Having a restless sleep can make for a very bad day the next day and more than likely, a sore body from all of the tossing, turning and possibly the wrong pillow. A pillow can make all of the difference when it comes to comfort and sleeping. If you have been waking up with a sore neck then maybe it is time to evaluate your pillow. I have been using a bamboo memory foam pillow and was in love with it…until I used the Novosbed Opus Pillow. WOW, talk about comfort! This is a luxury high-density memory foam pillow that gives you the support that you need for your neck and head while being so soft and squishy that you just want to hug it all night. Well, at least that is how *I* felt.

memory foam airflow ventingThe Opus pillow is great for any sleep position. I am a side sleeper so I like to have the pillow angled so I can lay my head on one corner of it while hugging the lower corner at the same time. The memory foam adapts to your head and neck in any position and has airflow venting. The cover is made of ultra-soft velour microfiber and the liner of the memory foam is allergen and dust-mite resistant. You could just use the pillow without a pillowcase if you wanted. I personally woke up the first night using it because I laid my elbow on the zipper while turning over and it did not feel great at all. The second night of using it, I put it inside of a pillowcase and had no problem with the zipper.


  • Promotes good sleeping posture
  • Great for all sleep positions
  • Supports head and neck to allow muscles to relax completely
  • Promotes more restful sleep

Opus Memory Foam Pillow

The Opus pillows are so durable that they retain their shape and support after years of use since they are made of the highest-quality memory foam pillows in their class. This is why the Novosbed pillows are back by a 3 Year Warranty. These pillows can easily be compared to the other memory foam pillows that go for over $200!

The Opus Pillow is available at for $139.00 + free shipping.

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4 thoughts on “Get A More Restful Sleep with the Novosbed Opus Pillow

  • I am a side sleeper as well. Wow, this pillow looks so comfortable I am getting sleepy just looking at it. I want it!

  • The price scares me a bit for a pillow, only because I have yet to have a pillow that doesn’t flatten over time no matter how much I spend on it. I have back problems though, so something like this might be perfect for me.


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