When They Grow Up Without Permission

When They Grow Up Without Permission

I’m having a mental breakdown, you guys, and it’s all because our oldest is 16 now. You see, I met the hubs, her dad, when we were just 16 years old. Looking at our daughter now, I can’t even imagine her meeting her future husband at this age. She’s just a baby! I didn’t give her permission to grow up on us!

When They Grow Up Without Permission

I knew the moment that I looked at my husband that he was the one and 22 years later, here we are with our own 16-year-old. It’s funny how we think we are all grown up at that age..and then we have our own kids.


All of this came about because our daughter just passed her online Driver’s Education class recently. She now just has to take the “Big Test” online to get her permit. Where have the years gone that I went from a 16-year-old myself, totally and completely in love with my boyfriend, to a mother of a 16-year-old getting ready to drive?? I. Cannot. Wrap. My. Head. Around. It! I didn’t give her permission to grow up on us!

I also think my anxiety is stemmed from the fact that I don’t drive myself. All of the panicky feelings that I get just thinking about it for myself are now focused on our baby girl getting behind the wheel. And I’m supposed to be a passenger in the car with her? Lord, help me.

When They Grow Up Without Permission
The Teen – 2003

Some of you readers have older children so have already gone through all of this anxiety. How did you deal with it? We really don’t have a choice I guess.

Our babies grow up whether we like it or not and start a life of their own. No more sitting on mommy and daddy’s lap or holding our hands. We just have to be there to guide them through it, whether they think they need us or not, and be there for them when they do.


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2 thoughts on “When They Grow Up Without Permission

  • Oh… you will be fine. It is a part of life that is scary for us mothers. They and we are their everything and then somebody decides to grow up… it seems like she is moving further from you at first… but wait… when you start getting used to her being more independent and growing into her own… and you begin to find your identity outside of being mom and are liking your independence… that’s when they decided to come back home… right when you have gone through all of the emotional turmoil… and more importantly… figured out what you are going to do with their room… maybe a bigger closet for you new… too die for shoes and outfits… so don’t get to emotional about her growing up and trying to be more independent… because they always will need mommy and they always come back!

    • Thank you for the big smile. I know I still need my mom and she jokes that she wonders when her kids will grow up. 🙂


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