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Head Back-To-School with Crayola!

Head Back-To-School with Crayola!

It’s that time of the year again! Time to get all of the school shopping done so the kiddies will be ready for that first day of school. Nothing makes a parent’s eyes roll harder than looking over that long list of supplies that each child needs. I know that there is always one brand that has never let me down when it comes to great quality supplies and that is Crayola.

Crayola has been around as long as I can remember. In fact, they produced their first box of eight crayons in 1903 for only 5 cents! I remember getting my boxes of crayons for school and I loved opening them and smelling them. There is just something about that Crayola crayon smell! I couldn’t wait to take them out and use the new crayon points but I had to wait until the first day of school.  Now, I can relive those days through my kids. Even though they are homeschooled, we still have to replenish our school supplies each year, sometimes multiple times throughout the year!

There are so many fun and colorful products from Crayola that go beyond the box of crayons. From colored pencils and markers to crafting activities and creating tools, you know that you can depend on Crayola for all of your creative needs.

Crayola was extremely generous enough to send us a large box of goodies so we could get our creativity going. If you are still needing to start your school shopping, take a look at some of these awesome products:

  • my color isCrayons, Pencils & Markers all in one’s favorite color! Choose from all yellow, blue, orange, black, pink, and green.

Crayola My Color is


Crayola Colored pencils and crayons


Crayola Markers


Crayola Dry Erase Markers and Water Colors


  • Thread Wrapper: A fun way for kids to decorate their school supplies and accessories! Kids can wrap belts, head bands, pens, flip flops, almost anything with the thread and really express their individuality!

Crayola Thread Wrapper


From now through 11:59 PM ET September 6, 2015, you can enter The Crayola & Shoparoo “Back to School” Sweepstakes! Prizes include a Crayola backpack plus $1000 of school supplies for your entire school! Make sure to enter daily.

You can find Crayola at as well as Facebook and Twitter.


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Jess Benoit

Jess is a homeschooling mama of 3, wife, gamer, Whovian, Nerd

10 thoughts on “Head Back-To-School with Crayola!

  • Michelle F.

    I used to love shopping for crayola products when I was a kids. I love those packets where you get to choose your favorite color.

  • Oh boy, I would have been in Back 2 Skool heaven :)!

  • My mother would never buy the 64 pack like all the cool kids had. (For good reason as we were wont to break or lose them, but still…)

  • What an awesome assortment of Crayola products. They are my absolute favorite company for most arts and crafts items.

  • I love crayola! I don’t buy anything else!

  • Crayola has certainly come a long way from just selling crayons which is how I know them from when I was a kid. They have so many fun products now-I just may go out and buy some for me!

  • Wow – crayola sure isn’t just crayons anymore! So many awesome products!

  • We head back to school tomorrow. The kids have filled their backpacks with Crayola. You can’t beat the best!

  • Crayola is always on my back to school list! It’s a part of our family tradition, to always buy them!


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