Healthier Holiday Snacking with SunRidge Farms‏

Healthier Holiday Snacking with SunRidge Farms‏

When SunRidge Farms contacted me to try out some of their healthy snacks I jumped at the chance. 1) because I love food and 2) because I love healthy food even better! SunRidge Farms makes natural and organic snacks, confections, trail mixes, dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

SunRidge Farms™ is committed to providing the healthiest products to our customers by producing foods without highly processed or refined ingredients. We also source Non-GMO (genetically modified) ingredients whenever possible. SunRidge Farms™ is committed to the planet and supports organic farming and sustainable practices. SunRidge Farms™ sincerely believes that it is essential to aid in the conservation of ecological diversity, wildlife, and natural terrain in order to preserve our world. Our contributions include substantial donations toward the successful resolution of environmental, social, food related issues on both local and global levels. ~

This holiday season they offer several festive snacks that are great for holiday entertaining and stocking stuffers:

  • Hatch Fiesta Mix: All natural dry roasted cashews, almonds, sesame sticks, garden veggie chips and pretzels are carefully seasoned with just the right amount of Hatch green Chile seasoning.
  • Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts: Freshly harvested hazelnuts dipped in rich & smooth premium dark chocolate with a touch of real vanilla. Delicious with coffees and chai, great for snacking or dessert at holiday get togethers.
  • Sea Salt & Pepper Pistachios: Pistachios flavored with sea salt and pepper for a non-GMO, cholesterol free and protein-packed snack.

We were able to try all three of these snacks. Our favorite, of course, was the All Natural Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts. We aren’t all that crazy about dark chocolate normally but these were really delicious! They are made with 61% dark cacao and Non-GMO. I liked to keep them at my desk so I could eat one every now and then while writing. Second favorite is the Hatch Green Chili Fiesta Mix. I’m actually snacking on this while I type this! I’ve always loved trail mixes and this one is on top of the list. Sooo good with just the right amount of salt & spices! The Sea Salt & Pepper Pistachios were good too but they weren’t as a big a hit with us because they were too spicy for us because of the pepper. These are also Non-GMO.

I wanted to link to each product on their website but I couldn’t find these particular ones. These products are available in the bulk bins at grocery stores. These would make a great holiday snack while waiting for the dinner to cook or anytime in between! You can link to them below:

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