Help Prepare for the Dreaded First Period

Let’s face it, navigating a child through puberty is not a walk in the park for either party. Boys & girls both have their own set of issues & bodily changes to deal with and it can be confusing & sometimes even scary. Take periods, for example, which is a lot to have to take in when you first learn about them. The average age for starting a period is 12 but they can come as early as 8 years old. I’ve even heard of a 5-year-old starting her period! This makes it a bit hard to know how to educate them about it. Luckily, RedDrop has an easy way to help with that.

RedDrop Period Kit

RedDrop is the first menstrual product brand designed for school-aged children. Each Period Kit includes products customized for the needs of an active school-aged child, including pads, personal wipes, and a special gift to help reinforce positive feelings around their changing body. The kits also contain educational materials to help them understand what to expect within the first year of getting their period, a QR code that links to online videos tailored to help navigate this special time in their life, and a reusable cloth bag filled with pads and wipes designed to be brought to school.

Help Prepare for the Dreaded First Period

The entire kit is sent inside of another bag so it is not announced to the whole neighborhood what exactly is inside. To me, it looks like it would be some sort of drink powder or something.

Help Prepare for the Dreaded First Period

Period Kit includes:

  • 30 Everyday Pads for daily use
  • 14 FlowDay Pads for heavy flow days
  • 14 FlowNight Pads for a comfortable night’s sleep
  • 12 Feminine Wipes individually wrapped for easy carry
  • 1 Hand Bag to discreetly carry it all
  • 1 Special Gift just for them
Help Prepare for the Dreaded First Period
Help Prepare for the Dreaded First Period
Help Prepare for the Dreaded First Period
Help Prepare for the Dreaded First Period
Help Prepare for the Dreaded First Period
Help Prepare for the Dreaded First Period

I thought the kit was great and includes everything I could think of for that first period. The information provided was amazing and helps them understand exactly what is going on inside of their bodies. The pads are thin and very absorbent.

The one thing I had a hard time with while writing this post was being inclusive. There are those who identify as another gender so I didn’t want this to be all about GIRLS & you may have noticed this with my pronouns above. Someone reading this might have a son who deals with periods. The stickers that came with our kit was all about girl power, AND I GET THAT & thought they were cute, but I think there should be some inclusivity. It’s a tricky time for everyone for sure.

Where to Buy

You can order the RedDrop Period Kit on their website, There is not a customize option and everything is included so they can be prepared for anything. The kit is $29.99 Plus Free Delivery in the continental USA.

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