Our Homeschool Curriculum for 2014 – 2015

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Our Homeschool Curriculum for 2014 - 2015

Each year seems to bring new challenges when it comes to planning out our curriculum. I’ve never been one to stick to the same things, EVER,  but that’s because we are always changing & growing & meeting different needs as the babies get older.

They aren’t babies anymore, now they are M7, L9, & J13. I had to skip J13 over 8th grade & will be starting her on 9th grade level work. She was a challenge for me by keeping HER challenged. She has been so smart & way more mature for her age from birth it seemed. She’s excited, & a bit nervous, but we can level her out in her lessons if need be. Ahh the beauty of homeschooling! <3

We have always used whatever was free or cheap to get through our school years & have been blessed to have great supportive family members to buy basic school supplies for the kids.

Our Homeschool Curriculum for 2014-2015

M7 & L9

  • Discovery K12 – a FREE online (NON-Common Core for those who avoid it) curriculum for grades K -12! This will be our 1st time trying it out but it looks amazing & will be the main curriculum.
  • Reading Eggs – I still have a subscription so M7 will continue on with it. “Reading Eggs is designed for 3 to 7 year olds who are learning to read. The program is successful because it makes learning phonics and basic reading skills a truly enjoyable experience, through a range of educationally sound, fun and interactive activities. -Reading Eggs Website”
  • Little Passports – “A Global Adventure” We will be starting our 1st journey with them during our 1st week of school. I will have a review for you the next week!

J13 – a mix of:

  • – FREE online high school courses
  • Discovery K12
  • Her own unit study on the Industrial Revolution. She is still obsessed with the Victorian Era from last year’s study so it’s kind of a continuation of that. J13 will be doing her own research & project of her choice for that. (For more info on Unit Studies check out my post.)

All 3:

  • Of course we will be using the library often for new reading material & research.
  • Home Skills: Cooking & Chores– they all love to cook or help cook/bake but the biggest chef would have to be M7. I can’t go in the kitchen without her right there helping. She’s even become the master at mac & cheese! Cooking has so many skills attached with it along with math & science!! Their favorite chef to watch would be Ro from Nerdy Nummies. Make sure to watch these videos before the kids since there are a just a few things that aren’t so family friendly. They each tell us when they get the inspiration to make something so we make sure to get the ingredients for them if they aren’t on hand already.
    Image from


The chores are a set of chores each of us has to help maintain the chaos & clutter in our home. After our lessons we all run around doing them before we can move on to whatever we want to do w/ the rest of the day. This helps them take pride in their home along with the fact that you must work 1st & then play.

  • Minecraft (for Xbox) will be used as a way to make learning fun. We have used Minecraft in so many ways for school. Making a Viking village for our Viking unit study, building spelling/sight words & math facts just to name a few!
  • Art – we always have a ton of art/craft supplies on hand since M7 & J13 especially LOVE it. There is always some sort of masterpiece going on around here!
  • Fine Art Pages – Classical Composers Monthly has this awesome collection of great painters & their most famous paintings with interesting facts.
  • Great Scientists Collection – This is a great resource for learning about all the great scientists throughout the years from Classical Composers Monthly. You can read my review of it here & also check out a free unit on Archimedes!
  • P.E. – We will be using our treadmill along with All 3 will work on the Beginning P.E. course (along with me!) & J13 will be using the High School Health course as well.
  • – We use this site a ton! J13 uses it the most during her unit studies & research. They seem to have pages for everything you need.

I’m sure we will find more things to add in during the course of the school year. Amazon Prime, Netflix, & Youtube are great ways to find educational videos to throw in here & there as well.

Have you started your school year or getting ready to? Let me know in the comments as well as if you’ve used any of these resources listed above! 🙂

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