Hoodsbee Review


Hoodsbee Review

I found a great jacket that my 7 year old daughter will freak over….a Mimi the Fox Hoodsbee! This is a hoodie that can be transformed in a plush friend by rolling it up into the hoodie and fastening it closed with a button. Sooo cute! My daughter is obsessed with foxes all of a sudden so I knew this was perfect for her. It’s easy to store when you are out & not using the hoodie. Just roll it up and your child can carry the plush friend, use it as a pillow, or tuck it away in a bag.

Hoodsbee was created when the design team at HLL design was trying to come up with a new kind of character hoodie jacket that could have a rolled up function into the hood. After seeing the shape it created, they added arms, legs, eyes and ears to the hood to make it look more like a plush toy. But it was still just a jacket rolled into the hood. They found that by pulling the sides tightly together and fastening them in a specific spot, along with the front of the hood being fastened as well, that it kept everything nice and compact, tight and clean looking. And thus, hoodsbee was created.

There are many characters to choose from for both boys and girls:


These Hoodsbees are so soft & warm, I wish I had one for myself! They come in sizes 2-6X for girls and 2T-7 in boys for $39.99. They would make a great holiday gift!

Enjoy this quick video from Hoodsbee:

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