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Hottest Toys for Girls: Project Mc2

Project Mc2 is an awesome Emmy nominated Netflix original series about a group of super-smart girls recruited to join the spy organization, NOV8. It’s mission is to help advance girls in the areas of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Kid Baker recently discovered them and it is right up her alley since she loves science based material.

Hottest Toys for Girls: Project Mc2

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Hottest Toys for Girls: Project Mc2

Hey,  S.T.E.A.M. isn’t just for the boys! Perfect for girls from age 6 –Tween, Project Mc2 toys help a new generation to embrace “Smart is the new Cool!™”

The Project Mc2 product line helps girls to embrace their passions through learning and exploring. Kid Baker is super interested in their dolls since each of them come with their own little experiment! There is also an Ultimate Spy Bag full of spy and science gear!

Here is a list of some of the fun, yet educational, products available from Project Mc2:

Hottest Toys for Girls: Project Mc2

Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag: Age: 6+

Hottest Toys for Girls: Project Mc2

The follow up to last year’s #1 Science Toy of 2015, according to NPD, The Ultimate Lab Kit!

Prove you have what it takes to become a top NOV8™ agent and investigate in style with spy gadgets in disguise!  Investigators use many different areas of science – including chemistry, biology, and physics – to help crack cases.  The Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag contains everything a super chic sleuth needs including a fingerprinting kit, magnifier hidden in a makeup compact, secret message launcher inside a lipstick tube, flashlight disguised as a nail polish bottle, science test tubes and beakers, and a spy-themed experiment booklet!

  • Download the Project Mc2 Case Files iOS app to test out your sleuthing skills!


Project Mc2 H2O RC Car: Age: 6+

Hottest Toys for Girls: Project Mc2

Powered by S.T.E.A.M, build a remote control car and activate it using H20 (that’s water!). Pop the hood to install the car’s engine. Connect the wires, just like hooking up a real car battery; add water to the tank with the included “gas” can, then watch as the headlights turn on and steam comes out of the exhaust!

  • Use the remote control to maneuver forwards and in a backwards turn
  • Vehicle fits two dolls. Dolls sold separately


Project Mc2 Camryn’s RC Hoverboard: Age: 6+

Hottest Toys for Girls: Project Mc2

Get ready to speed around with Camryn Coyle and her remote controlled hoverboard that speeds forwards, backwards and spins 360 degrees.

  • Includes with safety gear for Camryn doll – helmet, 2 elbow pads, and 2 knee pads
  • Hoverboard fits any Project Mc2 doll


Project Mc2 Experiments with Dolls sets: Age: 6+

Hottest Toys for Girls: Project Mc2








Perform cool, at-home experiments with the Project Mc2 girls.  Use ingredients from home to do the experiments again and again!

  • Camryn’s Wind-up Pet Robot: Make your own wind-up pet robot with construction queen, Camryn Coyle. When you turn the key on your robot’s base, a thin, coiled strip of metal called a mainspring gets tighter and tighter and squeezes into a smaller and smaller space, storing energy. Once you let go of the key, the potential energy stored up in the mainspring turns into kinetic energy. The connected gears and axles rotate, making your robot zoom!
  • Adrienne’s Bath Fizz: Make your own bath fizz with culinary chemist, Adrienne Attoms!  Use included measuring spoons to measure and mix baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, food coloring, vanilla, flower petals, and sprinkles.  Then, put the mixture in included bath fizz mold and let harden in the fridge.  Drop the bath fizz into the tub to add fizzy, colorful fun to your next bath!
  • McKeyla’s Glitter Light Bulb: Make your own glitter light bulb with Project Mc2 leader, McKeyla McAlister.  Mix water, glycerin and glitter into the included bulb.  Screw on the cap and turn the bulb over for the liquid to complete the circuit and activate the sensors.  Attach the bulb to the base for your own DIY glitter globe light!
  • Bryden’s Panda Speaker: Make your own panda-shaped speaker with tech genius, Bryden Bandweth!  Connect your music player to the panda’s ear using the included wire clip.  Cut an apple into thin slices and feed one slice to the panda.  The apple completes an electrical circuit, turning the panda into a speaker!
  • Ember’s Hanging Garden:  New Character! Make your own hanging garden with earthy scientist and newest member of Project Mc2, Ember Evergreen.  Layer pebbles, soil, moss and plant seeds inside the terrarium.  Water the seeds with the included pipette, and watch your garden grow!
  • Devon’s Puffy Paint: New Character! Make your own puffy paint with artist and newest member of Project Mc2, Devon D’Marco.  Mix flour, salt, water and powdered drink mix (or food coloring), and pour into the included paint tubes.  Use your DIY puffy paint to get creative!

Make sure to check out Project Mc2’s website to learn more about each character, play games, and even do some experiments!

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17 thoughts on “Hottest Toys for Girls: Project Mc2

  • Brandi Dawn

    These dolls are super cute. I love the one on the hover board!

  • These look like some interesting sets. We keep seeing the commercials on TV and my girls have asked for them. I like that there are some learning components involved!

    • That is my favorite part of the whole Project Mc2 thing. Learning is definitely happening while having fun.

  • Rosey

    I do like the idea of getting a hover board. We haven’t tried one here yet. YOu’ve got a lot of unique things on this list.

  • Definitely have to say that Adrian’s Bath Fizz is where my heart went for the hottest girls toys project. Nothing like a fun tub fizzing

  • AHH! That is so cool! It’s like brainiac Barbie! I LOVE this idea of making smart the new “thing” to be. Super cool.

    • I definitely agree! The fact that boys aren’t the only ones that can be into science and super spies is awesome.

  • I really like these toys! What a great list! Like one of the other comments above…I love that they are making smart a “cool” thing!

  • Margot C

    These are so cute and I love it “Smart is the new cool!” I have a super smart niece and her generation is into being smart!

  • This list sounds like every kids dream and every parents solution for summer time boredom! Its great to find toys that encourage not only play but learning. Girls need the encouragement that science isn’t just for boys but for girls as well. Do your kids have any favorites?

  • Great list! Thanks for sharing your ideas here in your blog post. I like the sets of barbies, they’re super cute. And the hoverboard is really nice. I would like to have one for my personal use. Though, I don’t know how to actually use it but maybe it’s not that hard. I’ve seen some videos on youtube about it. Do you have any other ideas or list to add apart from what you posts here?


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