How To Cope When Somebody Falsely Accuses You Of A Crime

We all like the law – until we’re on the receiving end of it. Then we discover just what a brutal process it can be. Somebody can just accuse you of a crime and then, all of a sudden, the full weight of the justice system comes crashing down on your head.

How To Cope When Somebody Falsely Accuses You Of A Crime

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When you’re embroiled in the process, it can be surprising just how indifferent the various actors and players can be. The judge sits there in the courtroom, high and mighty, presiding over your life like you’re some kind of peasant.

When falsely accused, it can be hard to cope, particularly if there are aggravating factors. Jail terms are long and fines can be high if found guilty.

In this post, we take a look at some of the ways that you can cope if and when somebody falsely accuses you of a crime. Here’s what to do:

Understand What’s At Stake

The first step in the process is to realize the seriousness of the crimes you’re accused of committing. Recognize what the penalties are so that you can prepare yourself in the event of a court battle.

Take Action Before The Opposing Parties Involve The Law

The next step is to contact an attorney to intervene on your behalf in an attempt to defuse the situation. They may be able to point out how damaging a false accusation could be, and how it might reflect on the plaintiff. They may also be able to provide information to the opposing party that shows them that you’ve not committed a crime.

Avoid The Accuser

Don’t confront the accuser directly. While that might seem like the logical course of action to try to find out why they are doing what they are doing, it could reflect badly on you. Prosecutions may use what you say to weaken your defense and strengthen the accuser’s position. They could paint you as the bad guy in court, trying to avoid justice by intimidating or bribing the accuser.

Avoid Talking To The Media

The media sometimes wants to involve itself in cases that it thinks will interest its readership. As such, if they get wind of your case, they might want to interview you. Refuse all interviews and channel any communications through your lawyer. Any information you provide in the public square could be used against you.

Adopt New Psychological Strategies

Being falsely accused of crimes requires you to adopt new psychological strategies. To cope with the stress and fear, you’ll need to change the way you think.

One idea is to limit the amount of time per day that you spend discussing the situation. Focusing on it all the time makes it feel as if it is the sum total of your life. It’s not. Your life is much bigger than any fines or prison sentences that you might face.

Another idea is to simply go with the flow and accept whatever outcome prevails psychologically. People go to jail all the time. Some people make a good job of it, while others suffer. The choice for how things will play out is up to you.

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