How to Create a Study-Friendly Space at Home

How to Create a Study-Friendly Space at Home

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Whether you’ve recently decided to make the switch to homeschooling or simply want to create a better environment for doing homework, it’s important to create a study-friendly space. Kids need to be comfortable and inspired in order to be productive, so it might be worth setting up a special area for them to study. This needs to be well-lit and ventilated, fun, and motivating in an ergonomic setting. Many of the features needed for a study-friendly space are similar to a home office. Essentially, you need to create the perfect conditions for working. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Plenty of natural light

First things first, in order to study well you need plenty of light. If you can set up a study-friendly area in a room that gets natural light, this is ideal. You can plan this strategically according to the position of your house. You could also consider upgrading your windows to a more energy-efficient option. This will allow more light in but less heat and glare. Eco-windows are not only better for the environment but will save you money on your bills as well. Get in touch with a window replacement company to find out more.

Upgrade to smart lighting

Getting enough natural light is not always possible, particularly in the winter months. To get your kid’s study space ready for going back to school in the fall, consider upgrading to smart lighting. Smart LEDs produce the best imitation of daylight, and what’s more, they also adjust to the environment. You can set smart light bulbs to create the perfect amount of light and they will also help you control your energy usage. Here are some of the best smart light bulbs in 2021.

Ergonomic study station

It’s difficult to study when you’re uncomfortable so this is why it’s imperative to provide your children with an ergonomic setup. You could invest in ergonomic study chairs that will protect and support their backs. You can get these in appropriate sizes for children and adjustable versions. Ask them if they’re ok with the size of their desk and consider investing in an ergonomic keyboard and mouse as well. Even though their joints are still young, it’s good to nip poor posture in the bud as this can have a negative effect on both their health and studies.

Optimize the temperature

If you’re trying to motivate your child to do school work in either the blistering heat or freezing cold, you’re not going to get very far. As well as upgrading to smart lighting you could also consider an entire smart home system that will give you better control of your thermostat. This way you can even adjust the temperature of your at-home study space remotely. You’ll also be able to optimize your energy usage and reduce your utility bills. It’s definitely worth investing in a smart home system.

Get fresh air flowing through

The events of the last year have reminded many people of the importance of ventilation. Even if your children are studying alone they will benefit from a fresh airflow. Proper ventilation will help to rid the air of germs, allergens, dust, and debris. It will also give them an energy boost and improve their mood making them much more motivated to study. Try opening opposite windows in the house to get fresh air flowing through.

How to Create a Study-Friendly Space at Home

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Set up a reading area

As well as setting up an ergonomic desk and chair, you could also create a cozy reading area if you have space. This will encourage the kids to read in the evenings as a hobby as well as for school. Simply throw together a few cushions or bean bags, you could even decorate it with string lights which will create a magical atmosphere. If you’re trying to motivate your children to read more you could start a book club and look for the latest best-seller series to review.

A touch of greenery

Kids enjoy a sensory space and this is also very inspiring. You could add a touch of greenery or fragrant flowers to their study area. There are several benefits of plants in school. They are said to create a sense of calm and improve your mood. For this reason, they also help to inspire productivity in both kids and adults alike. Any home office or study space can benefit from a few plants. They’re also great self-care reminders. You could even get your children to help take care of them which is very therapeutic as well as educational.

Prevent noise and distractions

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid distractions when working or studying at home, especially if you live on a busy street. It could be worth investing in a pair of the best noise-canceling headphones. These are good if your child does online lessons, or simply for reducing background noise. You could think about getting them a new pair of headphones as a back-to-school present. There are plenty of brands that won’t break the bank.

Original artwork

Make your study space fun as well as practical with some colorful artwork. You could display your children’s work, or get them to pick out a few paintings at a local market or thrift store. They will appreciate being included in this. Artwork can have a positive impact on productivity. It’s very calming and inspiring to look at. It’s essential to add a bit of whimsy to your study area as this will make it more fun. Decorate with a few quirky characters, posters, or accessories.

Declutter the space

It’s vital to declutter the space if you expect any work to get done. It’s much harder to concentrate in an untidy room and this can also have a negative effect on your overall mood. Try to keep school supplies to a minimum or stored away. If you’re doubling up another space for studying, such as your kitchen or living room, ensure everything else is put away neatly. If your children study in their bedrooms, have them tidy them in exchange for a small reward. Decluttering can be a very mindful activity for both kids and adults alike and it has many wellness benefits. Summer is a great time of year for mindful decluttering.

Clever storage ideas

Find clever ways to store all smaller items such as books and stationery. You could make use of the vertical space, for example. Put up extra shelves or clip things to a board or miniature washing line. You could use a second-hand cart for books or even a repurposed ladder as shelves. This is a chance for you to get really creative and make space a little more fun. Here are a few more clever homeschool organization ideas to give you inspiration.

Teacher items

If you have space you might want to set up teacher items such as a whiteboard with markers. This is ideal for homeschooling, or even just for helping children with their homework. You might also want to use toys and other equipment. Keep all teaching and study supplies together, in the study space if possible, so you can find them easily. It’s a good idea to try and assign a space for studying as this way your children will associate it with a place to concentrate. You can always mix things up a bit and take them outside on occasion, especially in summer. The most important thing is that they’re comfortable, happy, and more motivated to learn.

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