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How To Find A New Decor Style For Your Home

Not quite sure what your interior design style is? You’re not alone. Most of us mish-mash the elements of various styles we like together and end up with a pretty good result! But if you want to find a new style this year, whether because you’re bored of the old style or you’ve just moved house and want a fresh start, you’ll need to research how certain decor comes together.

And that’s what we’re here to help with. Coming up with a new style of decor for your home is a lot more work than it first seems, and having no idea about your current style really doesn’t help! Is it Boho Chic? How much Scandinavian influence is in it? Are those sideboards mid-century?

It can be a minefield! But instead of spending hours trying to work it out, let’s try and make some progress straight away. Check out the tips below to get a jumpstart on redecorating your home with a style that’ll suit you.

How To Find A New Decor Style For Your Home

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What Colors/Patterns Do You Favor?

A quick point just to get us started! Sure, you’d like a new style for your home to benefit from. But your new look just won’t work if it’s made out of colors, patterns, and textures you simply don’t like. 

If you’re a huge fan of bright tones like yellow and green, you won’t suddenly love blues and greys just because they’re different! So while you’re going for something new and exciting here, you still need to work within the confines of what you know you like. 

Cut Out From Magazines

If you’re a big fan of surfing through home decor and lifestyle magazines, book an afternoon to go through as many as you’ve got on your coffee table. Get yourself a big canvas or just a huge sheet of paper, some glue, and some scissors, and then get to work creating a vision board. 

This is your chance to put an idea in your head into more of a 3D space, and see what colors, shapes, and sizes actually work together. You won’t quite be sure until it’s down on paper like this. Create a collage, or draw up a proper floor plan of your home and go room by room. 

Bookmark Online Stores and Furniture Pages

Similar to the point above, now it’s time to do a little bit of research, but not the boring kind that’ll have you stuck in dusty old books. No, instead get online to find targeted furniture stores and collective pages that represent the styles you know you like but haven’t yet used in your home. Places like MyHome Furniture could be a good site to start with, but be sure to branch out to big and little brands alike. 

After all, you need a grab bag of pieces here to help you draw up a dream layout. And the internet is the best place to have thousands of pages of relevant information right at your fingertips! So, when you find a store you like, bookmark it for reference, and then use its product names, descriptions, and even product images to find similar items elsewhere.

Do Plenty of Patch Tests

Before you do any work on your interior, conduct a few patch tests. These will ensure you’ve got the right paint, wallpaper, and various other materials and small items before you go too far and realize you don’t like them. A patch test saves you from wasting time and money, and it’ll help you to conceptualize your new style on the scale it deserves. 

Draw up a square on the wall, paint and/or paper in it, and see how it feels with the light, the rest of the room, and any items you’ve bought already, like lamps, rugs, chairs, etc. If it all fits together, great! If it doesn’t, you’ve got a little bit more work to do. And there’s a benefit with doing a patch test for something that doesn’t work: it further narrows down the options that do! 

A new decor style might be just what you need right now. Use the tips above to bring a fresh sense into your home; new colors, new textures, old furniture that has plenty of life, and some new perspective can help you love your living space even more. Hey, after a pandemic that’s kept us at home for so long, those four walls are long overdue for a change! 

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  • Coming up with a new style of decor for our home is just what we are doing as we are building a new home in Oregon.

  • The idea of creating a vision board from magazine cutouts is genius! Excited to explore and bookmark those online stores you mentioned.


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