How To Get Your Child To Fear Asthma Less

Asthma can be a debilitating condition – something that seriously affects the wellbeing of your child. They can often get into a situation where they’re worrying about attacks all the time. And it can take a serious toll on their quality of life.

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Asthma flare ups can happen at a moment’s notice, making predicting attacks a challenge. As a parent, you don’t always know when your kid is about to go into one. And they can happen at the worst possible times – not what you want.

In this post, we take a look at some of the ways you can get your child to fear asthma attacks less. Check them out below.

Use Medications As Instructed

While asthma isn’t something you can cure without radical lifestyle change, it is something you can manage using the proper medications.

Long-term control medications help to lower the risk of an asthma attack occurring in the first place, while short-term medications help to open the airways during an attack. Your child can take medications in both liquid and pill form, depending on what they can swallow.

Give Your Child A Yearly Flu Shot

Giving your child a flu shot is a priority if they have asthma. Infections of the airways can bring on attacks.

You may also want them to wear a facemask when they go to public places in the future to reduce their risk of other respiratory infections. While these won’t usually seriously harm your child, asthma attacks they provoke may.

Learn About Asthma

Learning about asthma through sites like Bronki Booster Cipla can help to make the condition more manageable for worried children. It allows them to find out more about the condition in their own way and what’s going on in their bodies. It may even have a placebo effect – attacks in the future may not be so serious for the child if they understand what’s going on.

Avoid Triggers

How To Get Your Child To Fear Asthma Less

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Sometimes certain substances can act as asthma triggers. Mold and pollen are the most common, but there are many others, including when the weather changes.

You may also want to get your child tested for allergies. This way, you can avoid any foods, pets or household cleaning substances that could bring on an episode.

Get The Right Tools

Another strategy you can try is to buy the right tools. For instance, keeping an asthma diary lets you track how your child’s condition is developing and allows you to identify patterns.

You’ll also want to keep a peak flow meter in the home. This device allows you to detect early warning signs that indicate an attack is imminent. You can then give your child quick-relief medication to prevent a full-blown episode.

Know How To Respond To A Flare-Up

Lastly, you need to learn what to do during a severe flare-up, including when it becomes appropriate to seek medical attention. You’ll also want a box where you keep all your quick-relief medications and other devices that your child might need.

Asthma can be a scary condition for kids. But with the right preparation, you can equip yourself to deal with it.

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