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How To Run Your AC More Efficiently

Air conditioning is a convenience that many of us cannot live without and to our homes during renovations. You need it to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hottest parts of the year. However, your AC could be pretty inefficient in its energy usage. Your bills could be a lot higher than they should be, all thanks to your air conditioning system. More air conditioners running also means that there will be more of a strain on the power grid.

How To Run Your AC More Efficiently

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Luckily, as long as you look after your AC unit with Air Conditioning Repair and run it properly, you don’t have to completely replace the system to make it more efficient.

Clear Your AC Unit’s Surroundings

One of the simplest ways to make your air conditioning unit operate more efficiently is to make sure it isn’t being blocked by plants, brush, or garbage that could have built up during the winter.

If you can keep the airflow clear, the air has an easier time getting in and the system won’t have to work as hard. This is the same when you are using a window unit and have clutter inside your home too. Clear some extra room around the air intake, and your unit will be able to run a lot more smoothly and efficiently.

When your AC system doesn’t have to work as hard, you will use less energy, and save on how much energy your need to keep your home cool.

Keep An Eye On Your Electricity Bill

There’s nothing worse than running your AC for the first month of summer without knowing what kind of impact it will have on your bills.

This year, think about how much energy you need to use to keep your home cool and comfortable.

After you have seen how your bills look after the first month of using your AC, you can get an idea of how much or how little you should be running it for the rest of the summer.

Remember that the amount of energy that you use will push up the cost of living, and will also put some extra strain on the power grid, creating more pollution.

Clean Your Air Filters

Keeping the outside of your AC unit clear is a good idea, but you also need to keep your air filters clean.

You should take out your air filters and give them a good clean every few weeks. You should also replace the filters completely at least once a season.

Depending on what kind of air conditioning unit you have, you might be able to clean your filters more often than this. If you have a standalone or a window-style unit, it should be easy to take the filters out, rinse them and get them back into the unit in just a few minutes. Keeping the filters in your air conditioning system clean is one of the easiest ways to make sure that your AC is operating in the most energy-efficient way possible.

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  • It’s true, how clean the filter is determines how efficiently the AC works. By the way, professionals recommend replacing filters once every 60-90 days. However, you may want to do this more often if you have pets. If replacing filters every few weeks seems costly, consider installing washable filters.


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