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How To Stop Termites From Wrecking Your Home

Termites are more damaging than most pests. These wood-chewing critters can actually undermine the stability of your building and create structural hazards.

The good news is that there is a lot that you can do to both prevent them from moving in and get rid of them once they arrive. Here’s our advice for protecting your home.

How To Stop Termites From Wrecking Your Home

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Keep Lumber And Firewood Away From Your Home

Many homeowners don’t realize it, but termite food is actually regular lumber. In fact, it’s their job to break it down in the forest and recycle it into the soil.

Unfortunately, termites don’t know the difference between wood in tree form, and wood that’s part of your home. And that’s why they move in.

The trick here is to keep any cellulose or wood stocks away from your main property. Termites, for instance, often migrate from the wood store over to your main house, which is when problems start. Also, keep any lumber or materials off ground level. This will make them harder for termites to access if they decide to go hunting for food.

Solve Moisture Issues

Insect & pest control services will often recommend that homeowners solve drainage and moisture issues before anything else. If they remain, then pests will return, and the home will require constant extermination.

Check things like clogged gutters and blocked drains that cause water to back up. Also do a survey of your walls, particularly your basement, to check for dampness.

You might also want to do a quick masonry check as well. Critters can often enter homes where the brickwork is crumbling and there are multiple access points around the building’s base.

Remove Mulch From The Foundation

Mulch is a great way to prevent weeds from growing up around your home, but it’s a bad idea if you want to reduce the number of termites on your property. Wood chips are food for these insects, so you’ll want to invest in another solution.

If you really don’t want anything to grow around your home’s perimeter, invest in pebbles or gravel. You can also add a patio or concrete as these will keep termites at bay.

Trim Back Overhanging Trees

You should trim back overhanging trees whether termites are a threat or not. With that said, stopping termites from getting into your home is another reason to invest in an annual trim.

Foliage cover creates a direct path from your outdoor spaces to your property. Insects often feel more confident approaching your home if there is some natural bridge paving the way.

Aerial termites from overhanging trees are a real problem. Termites can launch themselves from branches onto your roof and then make their way under the tiles to your wooden rafters. Once they get inside, you’ll need professional pest control services to remove them.

Get Your Home Treated And Inspected for Termites

Lastly, many homeowners don’t realize they have a termite problem until it is too late. Therefore, you should get your home inspected and then treated by professionals to identify any problems you might have.

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